Apache Chemistry in Action: Using CMIS and your favorite language to unlock content from ECM repositories by Jeff Potts

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The E in ECM stands for Enterprise. Translation: Enormous, Extremely uninteresting, Exceedingly complex. And yet most organizations have two or more ECM systems. How can we write content-centric applications, including mobile and cloud apps, that access these repositories (some of them very yesterday) using todays preferred languages and frameworks? Apache Chemistry makes it possible by providing client-side libraries in Java, Python, DotNET, PHP, and Objective-C that give your apps the power to interoperate with ECM repositories like SharePoint, Documentum, & Alfresco.


  • 1. Apache Chemistry in Action: Using CMISand your favorite language to unlockcontent from ECM repositoriesJeff Pottsjeff.potts@alfresco.com OR jpotts@apache.org

2. 80% of the content in an Enterprise is unstructuredJeff Potts jeff.potts@alfresco.com 3. Managing & collaborating on files is a painJeff PottsWhere is the latest version?Who changed it last? What did they change?Which project is this related to?Who should be allowed to see this file? Tomake changes?How long do we have to keep this file?Can I get this file in another format?Im done with this file, what happens next?jeff.potts@alfresco.com 4. So we write apps that help deal with contentJeff Potts jeff.potts@alfresco.comarchives.nyphil.orgmy.alfresco.comAlfresco iOS Client 5. But files are a strange beastJeff PottsDont work well as BLOBs in an RDB Cant be indexed Cant be streamed Subject to size limitationsFile systems alone arent rich enoughNeither are Amazon S3 bucketsjeff.potts@alfresco.com 6. Thats where a content repository comes inJeff Potts jeff.potts@alfresco.comRDB(Metadata)File System(Files)FileProtocols(WebDAV,FTP,etc.) APIRepositoryContent Object 7. The Problem: Until now, each repo had its own APIjeff.potts@alfresco.comAPI API APIMy Custom Application Third-Party SystemsMost organizations have multiple repositories!One-offintegrationOne-offintegrationOne-offintegrationJeff Potts 8. An industry-wide specification is born: CMISJeff PottsManaged by OASISBroad vendor support andadoption1.0 out now, 1.1 coming soonhttp://bit.ly/PnAb77jeff.potts@alfresco.com 9. CMIS specification describes a repo and whats in itJeff PottsDomain Model: Repository, Folder,Document, ACL, Relationship, ObjectType, Secondary Type*, Item*Binding: Web Services, AtomPub, Browser(JSON)*Query Language: Subset of SQL-92jeff.potts@alfresco.com*New in CMIS 1.1 10. Apache Chemistry is the CMIS reference implementationJeff PottsClient libraries, serverframeworks, development toolsjeff.potts@alfresco.comhttp://bit.ly/ex20BT 11. Getting started with CMISJeff PottsGrab a CMIS client from Apache ChemistryFind a CMIS-compliant repositoryYou need its service URLConnect to it with the OpenCMISWorkbenchjeff.potts@alfresco.com 12. Lets see a demo! Python & cmislib, multiple reposJeff Potts jeff.potts@alfresco.comcmislib 13. Lets see another! Java & OpenCMIS, Servlets & JSPsJeff PottsThe Blend An example music mash-up site Java Servlets & JSPs Show it running againstmultiple CMISrepositories Full source availablefrom Manningjeff.potts@alfresco.comhttp://bit.ly/U9npcF 14. The beauty of CMISJeff Potts jeff.potts@alfresco.comMy Custom Application Third-Party SystemsCMIS APIStandardintegrationStandardintegration 15. Coming in CMIS 1.1Jeff PottsBrowser (JSON) BindingType mutabilitySecondary types (aka Aspects)Itemjeff.potts@alfresco.com 16. Come to the Alfresco Meetup at 15:00, Rm 123, Bldg GMeet customers, partners, and othercommunity membersLearn about Alfresco in the real worldHear talks on our cloud API, Web ContentManagement, Scripts, and CaseManagementSee you today at 15:00 in Room 123! 17. Thanks!Jeff PottsQuestions?jeff.potts@alfresco.com