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APA 6th Edition presentation for nursing students


<p>APA STYLE AND CITATIONS</p> <p>APA STYLE AND CITATIONSDaytona State College Library, Fall 2014Title Page and AbstractInstructions for setting up a paper in Word are on the Nursing Research GuideElements of the title page:Running headTitleAuthor name and affiliationAbstract: one-paragraph summary of your paper</p> <p>First Page of PaperThe title appears twiceOnce as running headOnce as centered titlePage numbering: done with running head</p> <p>Doing QuotationsRemember: you have to cite whether you quote or paraphrase.</p> <p>In-Text CitationsOne AuthorLast nameCommaYearPage # if quote</p> <p>In-Text CitationsMultiple AuthorsFirst time: list them all.Two exceptionsSame first author and yearSix or more authors</p> <p>Guidelines for In-Text Citations</p> <p>ReferencesArticle with DOIDigital Object IdentifierNewer articles have themDo not capitalize doi</p> <p>ReferencesArticle Without DOIMust include a URLCINAHL and other EBSCO databases: Retrieved from http://ebscohost.com/ Nursing Collection (Ovid): http://ovid.com/ Note: EBSCO cite tool does it WRONG</p> <p>References PageThe word References is centered at the top of the pageAlphabetical order Hanging indent</p> <p>ReferencesAmerican Psychological Association. (2010). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.Menchine, M., Probst, M.A., Agy, C., Bach, D., &amp; Arora, S. (2011). Diagnostic accuracy of venous blood gas electrolytes for identifying diabetic ketoacidosis in the emergency department. Academic Emergency Medicine, 18, 1105-1108. doi:10.1111/j.1553-2712.2011.01158.xA Word About PowerpointThe word is SILENT.</p>