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  • APA format for research articles, books, and electronic sourcesYour references will give points in your final project!!!!

  • Most Likely Used Sources in ThesesJournal Articles

    Online Documents

    Book Chapters

  • Find out the characteristics of a journal article referenceNagy, W.E., Garca, G.E., Durgunolu, A.Y., & Hancin-Bhatt, B. (1993). Spanish-English bilingual students use of cognates in English reading. Journal of Reading Behavior, 25(3), 241-259.

    Neuman, S.B., & Koskinen, P. (1992). Captioned television as comprehensible input: Effects of incidental word learning from context for language minority students. Reading Research Quarterly, 27(1), 95-106.

  • Author, A.A, & Author, B.B. (2010). Title of article. Title of Periodical, XX(X), xxx-xxx.

  • Where do we find the information to reference an article?

  • Orellana, M.F., Reynolds, J., Dorner, L., & Meza, M. (2003). In other words: Translating or para-phrasing as a family literacy practice in immigrant households. Reading Research Quarterly, 38(1), 12-34.

  • Marjorie Faultisch OrellanaJennifer ReynoldsLisa DornerMaria Meza

  • Info Needed to Properly Reference a Journal Article Last Name, I., & Last Name, I.(year).Title of article: Only caps on first word or Proper Names.Journal Title With All Caps and Underlined,Volume(issue),Page-numbers.Indent right second and following lines. Count four characters to the right.

  • PracticeCreate a reference for the following article

  • SolutionMcKeown, R. G., & Gentilucci, J. L. (2007). Think-aloud strategy: Metacognitive development and monitoring comprehension in the middle-school second-language classroom. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 51(2), 136- 147.

  • Info Needed to Properly Reference an Online DocumentAuthor, I.(year).Title of work.Retrieved on month, day, year from URL

  • Example of Online Document ReferenceAN INTRODUCTION TO CRITICAL THINKINGSteven D. SchafersmanJanuary, 1991http://www.freeinquiry.com/critical-thinking.html

    Schafersman, S. D. (1991). An introduction to critical thinking. Retrieved march 16th, 2009, from http://www.freeinquiry.com/critical-thinking.html.

  • Practice: Write the appropriate reference for the following online documentTitle: WHAT IS CRITICAL LITERACY? Author: IRA SHORPlace: College of Staten Island, CUNYYear: 2007http://www.lesley.edu/journals/jppp/4/shor.html

    We retrieved the article today!

  • SolutionShor, I. (2007). What is critical literacy? Retrieved march 15th, 2009, from http://www.lesley.edu/ journals/jppp/4/shor.html.

  • Find out the Characteristics of a Book Reference Glaser, B. G., & Strauss, A. L. (1999). The discovery of grounded theory: Strategies for qualitative research. New York: Aldine de Gruyter.

    Kvale, S. (1996). Interviews: An introduction to qualitative research interviewing. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

    Merriam, S. B. (1998). Qualitative research and case study applications in education. San Francisco: Jossey- Bass Publishers.

  • US Cities Well-Known For PublicationBaltimoreBostonChicagoLos AngelesNew YorkPhiladelphiaSan Francisco

  • World Cities Well-Known For PublicationAmsterdamJerusalemLondonMilanMoscowParisRomeStockholmTokyo Vienna

  • Info Needed to Properly Reference a BookAuthor, I.(year).Title of book.City, State (Country):Publisher.

  • Where to Find the Info in a Book

  • Book Copyright Page

  • Heres the reference for this bookValds, G. (2001). Learning and not learning English: Latino students in American schools. New York: Teachers College Press.Author, I.(year).Title of book.City, State (Country):Publisher.

  • Practice: Reference the following book

  • Defago, N. (2005). Childfree and loving it! London: Fusion Press.

  • PracticeAuthor: David BartonPublisher: BlackwellTitle of Book: Literacy: An Introduction to the Ecology of Written LanguageYear of Publication: 1994City: Malden, M.A.

  • Barton, D. (1994). Literacy: An introduction to the ecology of written language. Malden, MA: Blackwell.

  • How about an Edited Book?

    What makes a book edited?

  • In an edited book, several authors contribute with chapters

  • Copyright Page

  • Info Needed to Properly Reference a Chapter from an Edited BookAuthor, I. (of chapter in book)(year).Title of chapter.In E. Editors First Initial First (Ed.),Title of book (pp. xxx-xxx)City, State (Country):Publisher.

  • How to reference an edited book1. Record the title of the chapter you referenced from, with the authors name. In this case:Moll, L. C. The diversity of schooling: A cultural-historical approach

  • 2. Look for the editors names and for the year, city, and publishers name in the copyright page.

  • This is what the reference should look likeMoll, L.C. (2001). The diversity of schooling: A cultural-historical approach. In M.L. Reyes, & J.J.Halcn (Eds.), The best for our children: Critical perspectives on literacy for Latino students (pp. 13-28). New York: Teachers College Press.

    Notice that the first initials of the editors come first before their last names. The title of the book is underlined.

  • Practice: Make an appropriate reference from an edited book based on the following informationBook Title: Family literacy: From theory to practice

    Editors: Andrea DeBruin-Parecki and Barbara Krol-Sinclair

    Chapter: Evaluating Adult/Child Interactive Reading Skills.

    Author: Andrea DeBruin-Parecki

    Pages: 282-302

    Year of Publication: 2003

    City: Newark, DE

    Publisher: International Reading Association

  • SolutionDeBruin-Parecki, A. (2003). Evaluating adult/child interactive reading skills. In A. DeBruin-Parecki, & B. Krol-Sinclair (Eds.), Family literacy: From theory to practice (pp. 282-302). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

  • Reference List

    Although it comes at the end of your document, ALWAYS WORK ON IT!

    All authors in alphabetical order.

    If same author with different publications, cite most recent first.

  • PracticeEach student creates the APA reference list for their thesis sources.



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