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AP Invoice Approval Workflow Setup and Usage


AP Invoice Approval workflow setup and usageOrganizations might prefer to set AP invoices to be approved through an approval process before the invoice is paid off. This is useful from an Audit perspective as well as it eliminates mistakes made on the part of data entry operator.From Audit perspective, there is very little chance of an unauthorized payment as approvers might question Corporate Finance team of the organization if some invoice looks out of the ordinary.If the data entry operator makes a mistake during entering the invoice, the invoice might be paid off before the mistake is spotted. If the payment does not reach the supplier it has to be cancelled. If the payment reaches the supplier then an adjustment has to be made on the supplier for a future payment.To avoid these scenarios organizations might implement AP invoice approval process. This process built into standard Oracle Applications but it is turned off by default. Oracle has to be configured to enable this feature.The steps and usage of this process is illustrated below.Setup stepsGo to Approvals Management Business Analyst or AME Application Administrator. It will take you to Business Analyst DashboardAME setup

AME setup

Transaction Types: Payables Invoice ApprovalCreate rule, condition and action.Note: I shall illustrate AME setup in more detail in another post.Database setupExecute the following script in APPS schema.DELETEFROMwf_event_subscriptionsWHEREowner_tag=APANDwf_process_type=APINVOnly 1 row should be deleted.This step is required so that the following error about parallelization configuration details do not creep in.

Error message on sending AP Invoice for approval

Apps setupSet ProfileResponsibility: System AdministratorNavigation: Profile > SystemQuery for profile option,AME:Installed, and Application,Payables. The value should be set to Yes for Payablesor the Invoice Approval Workflow will not be initiated. This value is set but AME is not configured the workflow will be initiated but no notifications will be sent out and the workflow will be stuck as it will be unable to find an approver.

AME profile option

Payables OptionsResponsibility: EY AP AdministratorNavigation: Setup > Options > Payables > Invoice (tab)You need to see the following boxes and ensure that these are checked,Use Invoice Approval WorkflowAllow Force ApprovalRequire Validation before approval

Payables Options

Synchronize all workflow rolesGo to System AdministratorNavigation: View > RequestsRun the requestSynchronize WF LOCAL tablesfor all Orig systems,

Synchronize workflow tables

Usage of the AP Invoice approvalThe invoice creation process is illustrated in another post, here.Enter invoiceResponsibility: AP AdministratorNavigation: Invoices > Enter > InvoicesEnter the invoice

Create Invoice

Validate InvoiceOn the same form click Actions button. On the new window, select Validate

Validate Invoice

Initiate ApprovalAfter invoice is validated, click on Actions again and select Initiate Approval

Initiate Approval for Invoice

The approval history for an invoice can be seen by clicking onTools > View Invoice Approval Historyonce the invoice approval is in process or when the process is over.

Invoice Approval History

WorkflowOncethe workflowis be kicked off, you can view it fromWorkflow Administrator > Status MonitorSearch for Internal Name:APINV

Invoice approval workflow

If we check the Action History of the workflow we will find the notifications. The notification will look like the following,

Workflow notification

Once the approval process is complete the AP invoice will be ready for payment.

- See more at: http://www.oracleerpfunctional.com/2012/08/ap-invoice-approval-workflow-setup-and.html#at_pco=smlwn-1.0&at_si=5357890507ee5041&at_ab=per-14&at_pos=0&at_tot=1


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