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2. Further Education (FE) Colleges in the UK leadthe world in the range and inclusiveness oftheir provision, their deep commitment to theircommunities and their creative response to theindividual learner.The Association of Colleges (AoC) represents andpromotes the interests of Colleges and provides 400UK Colleges with professional support services.The AoC Charitable Trust was established in 1994 toadvance the education of members of the public overthe age of 16 years.It offers organisations and individuals the uniqueopportunity to contribute to the sector thatunderpins the hopes and aspirations of young peopleand older students throughout their lives in thewider interest of UK society and overseas partners,through support of one of its programmes.Help us by being part of the Further Education sectorthrough sponsorship of one of our programmes.Lord Willis of KnaresboroughPresidentAoC Charitable Trust 3. AoC Sponsors andSponsorship opportunitiesBeneficiariesAoC Beacon AwardsThe Mencap and RNIB Award for InclusiveLearning 2010/11 Beacon Award winner: The AoC Beacon Awards have a deserved reputationThe Foundations Studies Team, City Collegefor highlighting the very best that Further EducationNorwich Colleges offer, by capturing and celebrating thepositive impact that they have on their learners,employers and communities.Sponsorship of an AoC Beacon Award gives yourorganisation the opportunity to become involvedwith this highly respected awards programme. Twomain levels of sponsorship are available - an AwardSponsor and a Core Sponsor.The Award Sponsor funds an entire award of theirchoosing, with criteria devised in consultationwith the AoC Beacon Awards Chief Assessor. The We are delighted with the success ofpackage covers the award prize plus a contributionto core funding (see the benefits below). This ensuresProjectSearch. It has been a pleasure tocomplete ownership of the award and entitles you towork with these young people and they are take part in the assessment process and all events. already making a valuable contribution to You will have a platform at the winners presentationas well as a high profile at the two national eventsour hospital life.and networking opportunities amongst keyDeputy Director of Nursing, Norwich City Hospital delegates, MPs and Ministers.A Core Sponsor contributes to the core fundingwhich the Steering Group allocates within theThe British Council Award for International Awards portfolio. The package ensures brandingStudent Support 2010/11 Beacon Award winner:across all publications and events and entitles you toa platform at the winners presentation of an award.International Team, Edinburghs Telford College Studying at the College has been anincredible experience. I have grown in confidence not only in my studies but alsoon a personal level.Atwell, South Africa 4. The Jardine Lloyd Thompson Benefit SolutionsSponsorship benefits includeAward for Health and Community Care 2010/11Beacon Award winner:`` Reaching over 7m people via the AoCs online,The Dept of Education, Health and Care, press and radio campaigns a combined PR value of over 130,000*Hartlepool College of FE`` Involvement at two high-profile national events at the AoCs Annual Conference and in Westminster`` Meeting with Ministers, MPs, other sponsors and opinion formers at the national and other networking events`` Opportunity to be involved in the assessment of the awards; visiting Colleges to see first-hand their innovative work and meet the peopleThis programme has been a fantastic behind itopportunity for the staff and students`` Dedicated pages in the Beacon Awards involved in the project. We have prospectus and branding across all publicationsdemonstrated that by challenging and national eventsexpectations we can change aspirations.`` A chance to sit on the Beacon Awards National Sue Baker, Lecturer Health and Care Steering Group and shape the future direction of the Awards`` Discounted access to other AoC servicesEdge Award for Practical Teaching and PracticalLearning 2010/11 Beacon Award winner:*(figures from the 2010-2011 programme)Creative Studies Team, Coleg MorgannwgYou can also become a Friend of the AoC BeaconAwards by making a small annual contributionto the core funding by direct debit. Your supportwill be acknowledged in the AoC Beacon Awardsprospectus and on the AoC website and you willreceive a termly email highlighting key milestonesin the Beacon Awards year. It is a way of growing up. You are involvedand learn so much about yourself and theindustry. Student 5. AoC Gold AwardWinners Sponsorship opportunitiesAoC Gold AwardsEach year, the AoC Gold Awards celebrate theachievements of former Further Education studentsby recognising alumni whose Colleges have played asignificant part in their careers.Previous winners in the now 75-strong FE Hallof Fame include celebrities such as Colin Firth,Baroness Warsi, Jimmy Choo, Deborah Meaden, AlanTitchmarsh, Stephen Fry, Gok Wan, Jamie Oliver College saved me, Ive always felt verygrateful for the extraordinary level of faithand Natasha Kaplinsky. Other prominent winnersinclude Spencer Dale (Chief Economist at the Bankof England), Sir Alec Jeffries (Royal Society Wolfsonthey managed to maintain in me. Its left Research Professor in Genetics) and Stewart Milneme with a belief that everybody deserves(Chairman and Chief Executive of the Stewart Milnea second chance. I must have been payingGroup). some attention as I can still quote randomlyAll attended an FE College and attribute theirfrom Thomas Hardy and Lord Byron. success to their time there.Colin Firth, Gold Award winner 2010, Barton Peveril To recognise the impact that the winners have on theCollege aspirations of current students the AoC CharitableTrust runs a mini me campaign. The College of theGold Award winner selects a current student whois studying the same course and has similar careeraspiration. These students are invited to attend thenational presentation ceremony to meet with theirwinner and hear more about how they achieved theirsuccess.The ceremony is held on the Terrace Pavilion at theHouse of Commons where the winners are presentedwith their awards by Lord Willis of Knaresborough,President of the AoC Charitable Trust. I have always lived my life loving what Ido and always try my very best and wouldThere are two sponsorship options for the AoC GoldAwards - Sole Sponsor or Part Sponsor.encourage all other young people to workThe Sole Sponsor funds the Awards for a minimumhard, be curious and always make the most of three years. The package covers the option to beinvolved in the selection process for the winners,of opportunities that come your way. Ibranded publicity material, quotes in press releases,am flattered and honoured to receive this an interview slot as part of the radio campaign,award and would like to thank the AoC and a speaking slot at the presentation ceremonyand invitations for up to ten guests to attend theMyerscough College for nominating me.ceremony to meet the winners, Colleges, students,Christine Walkden, AoC Gold Award winner 2009,Ministers, MPs and Peers.Myerscough College 6. Part Sponsors contribute to core funding which theTrust uses to support the running of the AoC GoldAwards. The package includes shared branding ofpublicity material and invitations for up to threeguests to attend the ceremony.Sponsorship benefits include:`` Reaching over 6m people via the AoCs online, press and radio campaigns a combined PR value of over 107,000* I hope that Kirklees College continues to inspire generations of talented young people, whose skills are the life blood of our`` Involvement in the selection process of the country. winners Baroness Warsi, Gold Award winner 2011, Kirklees College`` Branding on all publicity material including the nomination form, all correspondence sent to all UK Colleges, the AoC website and event invitations, College certificates and programme`` Meeting with the winners, Colleges, students, Ministers, MPs and Peers at the national presentation ceremony at the House of Commons(*figures from the AoC Gold Awards 2011programme) I owe a big debt to Exeter College. It was the place at which I was first introduced to the potential power and reach ofWe also have opportunities to sponsor AoC Research Fellow, to fully fundor part support a Student BursarySpencer Dale (Chief Economist for the Bank ofScheme or become a Silent AuctionEngland), Gold Award winner 2010, Exeter Collegedonor, giving items or services to theTrust. For more information please ringAlice Thiagaraj on 020 7034 9917 oremail 7. Corporate socialCorporate Social ResponsibilityresponsibilityAdvances in social media give everyone anWe are able to provide your organisation withinstant voice with a ready audience. Unethical oran opportunity to fulfil part of its CSR agendadestructive practices can quickly fuel conversationsby offering sponsorship of a number of carefullyonline. Organisations are accountable for theirselected programmes. Each benefits the practice andactions like never before.aims of further education while promoting yourbrand values and reputation in the sector. 88% of consumers said they were more likelyto buy from a company that supports and Our sponsorship opportunities can endorse yourCSR policies to help win new business, increasecustomer retention, generate innovation and learningengages in activities to improve society.and enhance your influence in our sector.Better Business Journey, UK Small Business ConsortiumInternational Mentoring ProgrammeOne example is the African Mentoring Programme- a unique project linking UK College staff totheir African peers. Its origins lie in the voluntarywork that has been carried out in the last decadeby serving and retired College staff, workingwith and supporting colleagues in leadership andmanagement roles in African vocational institutions