Anxiety - How to Take Control of Your Mind and Your Anxiety!

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<ol><li> 1. Anxiety - How to Take Control of Your Mind and Your Anxiety! We may use anxiety and fear as synonyms in your colloquial use. According to %LINK% clinical terminology, anxiety can be an unpleasant emotional state in anxiety treatment which the source is either not readily identified or seemingly uncontrollable or unavoidable. Fear always happens in presence of the observed threat. Anxiety disorder is in reality a collective name for several types of abnormal fears and anxieties like: Curing anxiety naturally is a real very good option. Let me explain a little why. All symptoms that are related to anxiety disorder like panic attack/anxiety attack, phobia, Social panic, agoraphobia, insomnia, OCD etc are due to the misfiring with the Amygdala. So to cure these symptoms is to actually correct the main cause which is the Amygdala itself. No drugs are ever known so that you can do this job. Repressed emotions can be a source to many individuals but It doesn't have to be the best path. It is a healthy thing to state emotions. But alternatively if we put each and everyone in therapy today, you will recognize that people have a repressed emotion but some of them aren't experiencing an anxiety disorder. To those that are people pleasers, this might be the cause and so locating a way to express the way they sense may be the ultimate solution. So even though it is often a factor although not the top method to understand and cure anxiety oftentimes. Physical sensations can happen including heart palpitations or heart skipping a beat, nausea, chest pain, lack of breath, stomach aches, or headache, shaky hands, sweating excessively, trembling, feeling like you cannot breath or else you may be choking, tense muscles and dizziness. I am sure that numerous of you have felt some of these symptoms at some part in your life. When looking into treating an anxiety disorder with prescribed drugs, there exists a wide choice of alternatives available that this sufferer in addition to their doctor should consider. Among these there are greater well-known medicines such as anti-depressants, beta-blockers and benzodiazepines. All of these might be effective in the relief of tension in the sufferer nevertheless won't be regarded as a cure. More a stop gap to calm things down whilst a different more permanent option would be considered. </li></ol>