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<ol><li> 1. Anu-mon and her his Chamber of Secrets </li><li> 2. Exploiting Synergies.. Hey Anu, Whats your GPA? 3.2** Same pinch, see we hav lot of synergy, lets go to same exchange university SorryI have more synergies with MyDreamStore they sell T-shirts and I will design them Yo..Honey..thats the way this is done.. </li><li> 3. ButThe MUMMY Returns Scene 1: Sec-D Harlem Shake.. Ravi Bhaiya mummified Anu Muhahaha.. Oh NOOOOOO.. Our synergy Kabhi KHUSHI.. Kabhi GHAM.. </li><li> 4. The IDEAL Parents What will the parents do if the kid forces them to buy . We as father and mother what will we do if OUR kids ask us the same?? Ahem ahem lets take this offline Scene 2: MM project presentation Q&amp;A </li><li> 5. So Class, what do you understand by Bad Debt? Anu George!! Anu George!!Anu George!! Can you lend me some money? News Update : S&amp;P downgrades Greece to Anu George rating </li><li> 6. Kho- Kho Kho- Kho Kho- Kho What For?? Kho- Kho Anus Got Talent! ...And the best attention-seeker award goes to... </li></ol>