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  1. 1. Anu-mon and her his Chamber of Secrets
  2. 2. Exploiting Synergies.. Hey Anu, Whats your GPA? 3.2** Same pinch, see we hav lot of synergy, lets go to same exchange university SorryI have more synergies with MyDreamStore they sell T-shirts and I will design them Yo..Honey..thats the way this is done..
  3. 3. ButThe MUMMY Returns Scene 1: Sec-D Harlem Shake.. Ravi Bhaiya mummified Anu Muhahaha.. Oh NOOOOOO.. Our synergy Kabhi KHUSHI.. Kabhi GHAM..
  4. 4. The IDEAL Parents What will the parents do if the kid forces them to buy . We as father and mother what will we do if OUR kids ask us the same?? Ahem ahem lets take this offline Scene 2: MM project presentation Q&A
  5. 5. So Class, what do you understand by Bad Debt? Anu George!! Anu George!!Anu George!! Can you lend me some money? News Update : S&P downgrades Greece to Anu George rating
  6. 6. Kho- Kho Kho- Kho Kho- Kho What For?? Kho- Kho Anus Got Talent! ...And the best attention-seeker award goes to...