antique square piano three appealing characteristics of square pianos

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  1. 1. Antique Square PianoThree AppealingCharacteristics of SquarePianos Free Powerpoint Templates Page 1
  2. 2. Antique square pianos areoften misunderstood by manypeople and they have sufferedawful discrimination by themodern industry. There aresome clients who would saythat square pianos cannot berestored and do not have ahigh value today. But despite ofthese misconceptions, thereare still wonderful facts aboutsquare pianos.An antique square piano hasthree appealing characteristicsthat are you rarely find in otherpianos, especially the pianosthat we have today. Allow us toreview each of these traits byreading the rest of this article.Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 2
  3. 3. Victorian Era DesignSquare piano is viewed to be a classictype of musical instrument and has aone-of-a-kind design. Antique squarepianos come from Victorian periodwherein craftsmen would built, carve,and shape the musical instrumentusing their own hands. The mostamazing as well as interesting thingabout square pianos is that they weremade with the use of old fashioned andolder wood and logs just to have theircases and veneers assembled. Mostvintage square pianos which includesquares from Steinway are inspiredwith Rococo Victorian with the design ifa cabriole leg. The overall look ofSteinway square pianos is neater andmore simplistic as compared to themore ornately carved square pianos. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 3
  4. 4. Historical SignificanceSquare pianos were one of theearliest pianos built during the goldenyears of American piano production.Great artisans created square pianosin the late 19th century up to the WorldWar II, the time piano manufacturingwas at its very best. Square pianosare really significant not only to thepiano history but to the history as awhole. These instruments were usedto be at the center of most livingrooms owned by middle class peoplein the Victorian period. Greatcomposers such as Mozart and Bachused square pianos during their timein the 18th century. These instrumentsalso reached their popularity in theUnited States through the 1880s.Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 4
  5. 5. Ability to be Restored and PreservedIn spite of the misconceptions about theability of square pianos to be restored,there are still experts who are saying thatthey can be restored and preserved.Restoring them is possible but it can betough because of its unique shape anddesign. Thats why it is important to lookfor a professional square piano restorerwho loves and appreciates these uniquepianos. Square pianos have unique andspecial parts such as case, soundboard,tuning pins, action, strings, and dampers.You can actually find variouspiano restoration firms that acceptrestoration jobs for square pianos.Restoring a square piano is essential forit to be continued treasured as a familyheirloom that is passed from onegeneration to the next.Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 5
  6. 6. Square pianos have wonderfulcharacteristics that made themdifferent from contemporarypianos. Although they are nowconsidered antique, everyhousehold that have them reallyshould feel proud that they own amasterpiece that is a veryimportant part of the history and agem which is rare to findnowadays.Free Powerpoint TemplatesPage 6