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  • ANTI STATIC CLEAN ROOM FLOORING ESD Flooring Issues In Clean Rooms

  • As electrostatic discharge (ESD) thresholds increase, awareness of ESD

    standards and control in cleanrooms is a major concern.

    ESD Floor

  • Most polymer flooring materials are electrical insulators,

    which can create static buildup.

    ESD Floor

  • Cleanroom floors are frequently found in




    Medical device industries,


    And other critical manufacturing environments.

    Clean room flooring

  • Anti Static and Conductive floors are designed to measure at or below

    35 Million ohms.

    Clean room flooring

  • Typical contains from

    500,000 to 1,000,000 particles

    (0.5 microns or larger) per cubic foot of air.

    Clean room flooring

  • A Class 100 cleanroom is designed to never allow

    more than 100 particles (0.5 microns or larger)

    per cubic foot of air.

    Clean room flooring

  • Class 1000 and Class 10,000 cleanrooms are designed to limit particles to 1000 and

    10,000 respectively

    (In comparison, a human hair is about

    75-100 microns in diameter).

    Clean room flooring

  • A particle 200 times smaller (0.5 micron) than the human hair

    can cause major disaster in a cleanroom !

    Clean room flooring

  • Contamination can lead to expensive


    and increased production costs.

    Clean room flooring

  • In fact,

    the billion dollar NASA Hubble Space Telescope was damaged and did not perform as designed because of a particle smaller than 0.5 microns.

    Clean room flooring

  • ESA

    is becoming more of a concern as static charges have been seen to actually bond contaminants to surfaces of products or tooling.

    Clean room flooring

  • Example:

    for a 4 wafer, charged to 1000 volts, a particle of 1 micron in diameter would have the bonding force of over 830,000 pounds per square inch.

    Clean room flooring

  • Electrostatic attraction between charged objects and particles can be quite

    strong compared to gravitational, aerodynamic, or

    adhesion forces.

    Clean room flooring

  • Conductive work surfaces can be considered a current-carrying

    hazard to people

    and ESD-sensitive devices.

    Clean room flooring

  • ESD control measures traditionally have been required for:

    Defense, Electronics assembly, Wafer manufacturing, Semiconductor, & The disk drive industry.

    Clean room flooring

  • In the area of ESA control, these industries have ramped up ESA programs

    for their cleanrooms:

    Fiber optics, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Wafer, And disk drive manufacturing.

    Clean room flooring

  • Controlling static electricity and ESD events in the cleanroom is important for these industries.

    Clean room flooring

  • ESD S20.20 recommends a

    target RH between 30% 70%.

    < 30% RH, materials have a greater tendency

    to charge.

    Surface Resistance versus Relative Humidity (RH):


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