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1. . -s.r t r l v-r .. . _, (_ 2. Dirty Little Secrets The Cosmetic Industry Doesnt Want You To Know 3. When Most Women Want To Correct Skin Problems And Signs Of Aging,The First Thing They Do Is Turn To The Cosmetics Industry.There You'll Find A Whole Host Of Solutions,Including "Age Defying Make Up,Anti-Aging Serums And Creams,Wrinkle Reducers And Most Anything Else That's Marketed To Be The Holy Grail Of Timeless Beauty. But Heads Up. ..It's All A Facade.These Products Aren't Designed To Make You Feel Beautiful.In Fact,The Industry Behind These Cosmetics Has Spent Your Entire Life Convincing You 4. That You're NOT Beautiful Unless You're Using Their Products. Think About That For A Moment.They've Ripped On The Fabric Of Your Self-Esteem For Years,To The Point Where You Probably Even Feel A Little "Naked" If You Go Out In Public Without Some Sort Of Product On Your Face.That's Not Natural.That's Simply A Lifetime Of Programming By The Marketing Departments Of A Huge,Multi- Billion Dollar Industry. And That's Not The Worst Of It. .. 5. You Know All Those Lotions,Creams,Serums And Other Products That Women Smear On Their Faces Daily To Reduce Skin Problems And The Signs Of Aging?These Products Don't Actually Help Your Skin At All.In Fact,Most Of Them Work By Merely Hiding And Covering Up The Imperfections.That's Like Sticking A Dirty Bandage Over The Problem. You See,Here's What The Cosmetic Industry Doesn't Want You To Know:Not Only Do Their Products Not Help Your Skin,Many Of These Products Actually Harm Your Skin. Grab A Few Of Your Serums,Creams,Lotions,And Make Up Off 6. The Shelf Right Now And Look At The Ingredients.Specifically,Look For Ingredients Such As Parfum,Blue I,BHA,BHT,Parabens And Siloxanes.These Ingredients Are Supposed To Do Things Like Soften Your Skin,Moisturize Or Add Fragrance.But Every Single One Of These Ingredients Is A Known Toxin. Read That Again:Every Single One Of These Ingredients Is A Known Toxin. The Cosmetic Industry Knows These Ingredients Are Harmful To Your Health And Damaging To Your Skin, 7. Yet They Still Put These Toxins Into Their Products. Why? Because The Cosmetics Industry Really Isn't All That Motivated To Find Alternative Ingredients For Their Products.If The Toxins Damage Your Skin,Then The Cosmetics Industry Knows You'll Come Running Back To Them To Find A "Cure" For Your Newfound Skin Problems.They Also Know You'll Never Even Consider The Idea That The Expensive S I25-A-Jar Cream You're Putting On Your Face To Fix Your Skin Problems Is Actually Causing Further Damage. 8. It's Sickening.But The Good News Is,You Don't Have To Depend On The Cosmetics Industry Any Longer. You See,You'll Never Get The Results You Want Merely By Putting Something On The Surface Of Your Skin.If You Want Radiant,Beautiful Skin,Then You Need To Nourish It Naturally From The Inside Out. How Do You Do This?By Eating A Hormone-Optimizing Diet.Good Nutrition Will Help Your Body Get The Nutrients It Needs To BalanceYour Hormones And Revitalize Your Skin.Add In A Gentle Stretching 9. Exercise Program And Massage- Based Skincare Program,And You'll Have Everything You Need To Naturally Reduce Skin Problems,Improve Your Complexion,And Reverse The Signs Of Aging. You Don't Need Damaging Cosmetics.You Don't Need Injections,Laser Or Surgery.All You Need Is A Natural Program For Revitalizing Your Skin,Which You Can Find Right Here: 10. So Check It Out Now,Because You Just May Be Surprised At What You Discover On That Page.Http: [[Younger-Looking-Skln. Good-Info. Co