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  • Willys Pictures by Anthony BrowneInstructor: Emily Chen

    9231012 Anna9231017 CandyChildrens Literature 2006 Spring

  • Anthony Browne

    Anthony grew up in Yorkshire, England. (1946)

    He loved art and would spend hours drawing with his father.

    His father was an unusual man - outwardly strong and confident, but also shy and sensitive - a bit like the gorillas he love to illustrate now.

  • Anthony Browne

    Anthony studied graphic design and then went on to paint the insides of people's bodies for medical textbooks.

    After 3 years found that the work was becoming repetitive and instead began designing greetings cards.

  • Anthony Browne

    This in turn led him to illustrating children's books - his book Gorilla began life as a picture on a birthday card.

    He is fascinated by gorillas and the contrast they represent - their huge strength and gentleness.

    Anthony's illustrations also reveal his love of the Surrealist painters.

  • The Birthday Suit Quick, cover yourself up!!!

  • The Birth of VenusPainted in about 1485 by Sandro Botticelli This painting shows the goddess of love coming out of the sea and being blown to the shore by the wind gods. I think its the most graceful painting Ive ever seen.

  • Lots and Lots of DotsWe gradually started to notice some very strange things in the park.

  • Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Painted between 1884-6 by Georges Seurat The painting is made from lots of tiny dots of pure color. I love the way it seems to shimmer. You have to stand back to see it properly.

  • The Kind WomenI had getting a bit bored with painting all that grass.

  • The GleanersPainted in 1867 by Jean Francois Millet 3 poor women collect the scant remains of the harvest; the rich are far off in the background. I find it beautiful because it is so plain.

  • Coming To LifeI was just finishing this painting when I heard a small voice say, Give us a hand.

  • The Creation of AdamPainted between 1508-12 by Michelangelo This is only a small detail from a huge picture which took him 4 years to paint. Im amazed that just one mancreated such a magnificent piece of work.

  • The Mysterious SmileCan you solve the mystery?

  • Mona LisaPainted between about 1503-6 byLeonardo da Vinci She has a very mysterious smile. What do you think shes smiling about?

  • My NightmareThe dreadful invitation read, You are cordially invited to attend the wedding ceremony of Millie and Buster Nose.

  • The Arnolfini MarriagePainted in 1434 by Jan van Eyck He could make his pictures seem very real because of the way he painted detail and light and shade. I almost feel as through Im in the same room as these 2 people.