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A few days ago I had posted a couple of questions on the Internet & promised to share the answers with the online community. Here they are.


  • 1.Every Answer Has A Story
    (Even One About Mobile Apps)

2. 2
Awesome Idea (arent they all?)
Fickle Buyers
3. 3
An Idea That Is Stuck At Ground Level.
4. 4
How Do We The Baby (Product) Home???
5. 5
Wifi + 3G
6. 6
So, We Have The Answers
And The Customers Have The Devices
But How Does A Team Of Non-techies Build The Apps???
7. 7
We Have The High Level Requirements
And Lots Of Smart Folks Out There Have Answers
So Let Us Put The Questions To Them
8. 8
High level requirements viewed 119 times in 6 days, 2 high quality answers.
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10. 10
Skills needed:

  • A developer familiar with the Android OS and the Android SDK and SQL Databases

11. A developer familiar with the iOS and the iOS SDK and SQL Databases 12. A scripter familiar with PHP and SQL databases 13. A web server admin 14. A GUI designer 15. A developer familiar with the AdMob API(NOTE: Most of these, and possibly all of these, can potentially be found in the same person.)
16. 11
You will need:

  • an iPhone developer (Objective C, iOS)

17. an Android developer (Android-specific Java) 18. developers for any other platforms you want to target (some combination of Java-MIDP, C++, C#, etc, plus platform knowledge (Symbian, BREW, Windows Mobile, etc.)) 19. database developer (SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, mySQL, etc.) 20. experience of integrating with SMS services 21. web developer, if you have a web-based UI also (JQuery, AJAX, and one of JSP/ASP/PHP/Ruby/etc.) 22. someone who understands the product specification (business analyst / product owner) 23. someone who takes responsibility for project progress (project manager / scrum master)* one or more test engineers
24. 12
This Isnt A VC Pitch, So There Isnt Any Info On The Market, Opportunity, Size & Product.
Thank You
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