answer this question: 1 costs $0.50 12 costs $1.00 215 costs $1.50 what is it?

Download Answer this question: 1 costs $0.50 12 costs $1.00 215 costs $1.50 What is it?

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  • Answer this question: 1 costs $0.50 12 costs $1.00 215 costs $1.50 What is it?
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  • Question: What do you already know about the Holocaust? Definition: Holocaust = the mass slaughter or reckless destruction of life
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  • The Holocaust happened in Europe from 1933 to 1945. Only 70 years ago Millions killed including Jews and non-Jews alike
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  • What do you see? What does it tell you?
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  • Before 1933 and at the start of the Holocaust, Germany was unstable in a lot of different ways: A. Upset about losing WW1 B. Hard to find jobs C. Hoped Government would solve problems D. Suspicious of outsiders
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  • In 1929, Stock Market crash leads to Great Depression Massive Unemployment (42%) and inflation In 1933, Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany. Promised a proud new Germany, and blamed the Jews
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  • Translation: Germans defend yourselves against Jewish atrocity (evilness), buy only at German shops! -Hitler later declared himself The Fuhrer (Leader) which allowed him to act without limit.
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  • -Hitler believed in Master Race called Aryan -Characteristics: Blond hair, Blue eyes, Tall, Strong, Perfect Look at a photograph of Adolf Hitler. How are his beliefs ironic?
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  • The Nazis thought some people were inferior, including: Jews Gypsies Poles African-Germans Jehovahs Witnesses Communists People who were mentally or physically handicapped Homosexuals Why do you think Hitler targeted these groups?
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  • Citizenship was revoked; Kicked out of schools Doctors, lawyers, or people who owned businesses were forbidden to do their work. Park benches and the beaches had signs saying, No Jews Allowed.
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  • Life improved for Nazis Jobs were taken from Non- aryans and given to Nazis Nazi sympathizes were given more food and supplies Offered a sense of pride and belonging
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  • They convinced some Germans that people who were different were sub- human. They used the mass media, like radios and newspapers, to spread Propaganda. How is this poster propaganda for the Nazis?
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  • In November 1938, Nazis began to use violence. For two days all over the country, they destroyed Jewish businesses, and burnt down the synagogues. Homes were broken into. People were beaten. About 30,000 people were arrested, and many were never seen again.
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  • Hitler and the Nazis wanted to control all of Europe, so in 1939, Germany invaded Poland, and World War II began. Soon Germany invaded many other countries. By 1941, they had over taken Poland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Denmark, and Norway. The Nazis made all Jews move out of their homes and into ghettosgated areas to live. The ghettos in Europe were dirty and crowded. Food was scarce, and many people were sick and dying.
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  • In January 1942, The Final Solution was created Goal: Kill all 11 million Jews in Europe The Nazis built death camps. They wanted to keep their homeland pure, so most of the death camps were in Poland. The largest death camp was called Auschwitz.
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  • The War ended in 1945 when Allied (American) forces invaded Berlin By then, 6 million people had already been killed Motto: Never Again
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  • Explain what this quote means and how it relates to the experiences of the Jewish people during World War II.


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