answer the questions what is your favourite food? my favourite food is… which food do you like...

Download Answer the questions What is your favourite food? My favourite food is… Which food do you like best? What do you often have for breakfast? I/We often

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  • Answer the questionsWhat is your favourite food?My favourite food isWhich food do you like best?What do you often have for breakfast?I/We often have .I likebest.What food do you often have for dinner?What would you like for lunch?I would likeI/We often have .Which do you prefer, noodles or bun?I prefer

  • food drinksThere are four kinds of food. They are the most important food for us. What are they?There are two kinds of drinks. What are they?

  • a piece of porkhalf a kilo of fisha kilo of beeftwo pieces of chickenfour pieces of beef steaksome sausages

  • a bowl of ricethree bowls of noodlesa plate of fried noodlesfour plates of rice noodlesa bag of bunstwo pieces of breadsix pieces of toast

  • fruits vegetables (How many kinds of fruits do you know?apples, bananas, oranges, pears, grapes, peachesCan you name some vegetables?peppers, cabbages, Chinese cabbages, onions, mushrooms, carrotspotatoes, tomatoesbroccoli

  • cheese, milk, ice-cream, chocolate, butter, milk sweetegg, cake

  • sandwich, hamburger, bun, noodles, dumplings, porridge, sausage, pasta, hot-dog, rice, fried noodles, toast, pizza, rice-noodles, potato, coke, coffee, tea, dim sum, moon cake, ice-cream, beefsteak, chips, salad, juice, cheese, soup, chocolate, roast-beef

  • sandwich, hamburger, sausage, pasta, hot-dog, toast, pizza, potato, coke, coffee, ice-cream, beefsteak, chips, salad, juice, cheese, chocolate, roast-beef bun, noodles, dumplings, porridge, rice, fried noodles, rice-noodles, tea, dim sum, moon cake, soup

  • Answer the questionsWhich do Chinese people eat most, rice, pasta or potatoes?They eat rice.Which do Chinese people drink most, Coke, tea or coffee?Which do western people eat most, rice, bread or noodles?They eat bread.They drink tea.They drink coffee and Coke .Which do western people drink most, Coke, tea or coffee?


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