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  • Ansible with Azure Going from 0-60 Adam Brassard Platform Automation Engineer

  • Share your automation story 1. How did you get started with Ansible?

    I started using Ansible as our company decided to adopt the cloud, knowing the longevity of a large scale cloud deployment would rely heavily on automation, I looked into various automation tools, spoke to some colleagues and was pointed to Ansible and I haven’t looked back since.

    2. How long have you been using it?

    I started officially using Ansible in October of 2018, so I am very new to the space.

    3. What's your favorite thing to do when you Ansible?

    Infrastructure as Code

  • Innovapost is the Information Technology Shared Services provider for the Canada Post Group of Companies, including Canada Post, Purolator, and SCI Group. We provide client-specific Information Technology (IT), Information System (IS), and business solution services exclusively to all groups and functions within the Group on a cost-recovery basis.

    About Innovapost

  • Infrastructure as Code in Azure

  • Is there anyone out there?

    Lookup Ansible provisioning

    See many articles related to


    Articles saying to use something

    else for provisioning

    Look into issues/limits that would prevent us

    using Ansible effectively for provisioning

    Find no blockers or concerns

  • November 2018

    Learning Ansible with Azure

    -Begin learning Ansible power with Azure Build Ansible roles for:

    Resource Groups Virtual Networks

    Subnets Network Security Groups

    Availability Sets Virtual Machines

    Network Interface Cards Azure Disk December

    Creating Ansible development standards

    -Setup standards for development of Ansible Infrastructure as Code. -Set formatting and naming standards -Define var standard and process Build Ansible roles for:

    Managed MSSQL Managed PostgreSQL

    January 2019

    Let’s add some complexity

    -Enhancements of existing roles with some Ansible goodness and logic complexity (looping, conditionals and more!) Build Ansible roles for:

    Load Balancers


    Lessons learned applied and even more roles

    -Mapping out how to build roles without dedicated modules -Testing and Using Azure Dynamic inventory script Build Ansible roles for:

    Azure storage accounts Azure tagging

    EventHub & EventHub namespace Molecule additions


    Documentation storm

    -Enabling teams to leverage the roles independent from our involvement by supplementing the README documentation with confluence docs -Molecule use for Azure documented with patterns Build Ansible roles for:

    YUM Repo YUM Package

    Ansible tower templates


    Creating Automation stages

    -Using knowledge gained from internal teams for development, establish a suite of standards to enable multi team delivery Build Ansible roles for: Refactor all existing roles to meet

    newly minted standards and provide clear frameworks for the


    Not all paths are the same!

  • Where are my roles at?

    - I want more than just basics, but how do I find them? Why they may just be in a galaxy far far away, an Ansible Galaxy that is!

    - Why aren’t the people who use Ansible for provisioning in Azure as actively contributing?

  • - Using Ansible for infrastructure provisioning is not only OKAY, it is powerful!

    - Azure cloud modules are where it’s at!

    Where do we go from here?

  • Resource module compared to dedicated module

    On the left the example you will find of existing resources in examples using azure_rm_resource module

    Below we see a parameterized version of the dedicated Availability Set module azure_rm_availabilityset

  • I get by with a little help from my extensions

  • Azure dynamic inventory away!

  • Something new comes to town!

  • Learning and sharing with developers

    Development best practises

    Infrastructure as code best practises

  • Some stages to deliver automation!

  • To “Tower” over your environment

  • There’s a tool for that!

  • My Essentials

  • Extra tools to round out the toolbox

  • Resource links:

    - - -

    - -

    - -


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