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<ul><li><p>Beerklee Arranging Course01 - BasicsA Major Scale ConstructionB NotationC RhythmD Chord ConstructionAssignment</p><p>02 - Chord ConstructionB Harmonic Continuity</p><p>03 - Chord Construction (cont.)A Chord ConstructionB Chord SymbolsC Open HarmonyAssignmentChord Reference Chart</p><p>04 - RhythmA RhythmB Four-Part Harmonization of a given melodyAssignment</p><p>05 - Priniciples Of ImprovisationPrinciples Of ImprovisationAssignment</p><p>06 - Improvisation (cont.)ImprovisationImprovising On A Given MelodyRhythmAssignment</p><p>07 - Modern Block HarmonizationMelodic AnalysisAssignment</p><p>08 - Rhythmic AnticipationA Rhythmic AnticipationB Modern Block HarmonizationC Harmonization Of Improvised MelodiesD Open Voicing Of Modern Block HarmonizationAssignment</p><p>09 - TensionsA TensionsB Harmonization Of TensionsC Tension Resolve (HI-LO)D Harmonization Of HI-LOAssignment</p><p>10 Tensions (cont)A Variations Of HI-LOHarmonization Of Variations Of HI-LOAltered TensionsAssignment</p><p>11 - Instrument RangesA Instrument RangesB RangesC VoicingsD Expression MarksAssignment</p><p>12 - Principles Of Background WritingA Principles of Backgrond Writing</p><p>13 - Background Writing (cont.)A Approach notesB RestsC SequenceD Swing BackgroundsE Background StylesAssignment</p><p>14 - The Brass SectionA TranspositionB RangesC VoicingD Five Part HarmonyE Brass SoliF Brass BackgroundsAssignments</p><p>15 - The Brass Section (cont.)A The Brass Section (cont)B Use Of Inner Voice Tensions In Open PositionC The Five Part Sax SectionAssignment</p><p>16 - Principles Of Harmonic ProgrssionsA. TerminologyB. Principles Of Modern HarmonyC Chord PatternsAssignment</p><p>17 - Principles Of Harmonic Progrssions (cont.)A Substitute ChordsB Variations Of The basic I-vi7-ii-V PatternC CadenceAssignment</p><p>18 - Principles Of Harmonic Progrssions (cont.)A Repetition Of The ii7-V7B Passing Diminished ChordsC Deceptive CadenceD Additional Approach Techniques1 Independent lead2 Diatonic Approach3 Parallel Approach4. Dominant Approach</p><p>Assignment</p><p>19 - Major MinorA Relative MinorB FormC Deceptive CadenceD Composing Intoductions &amp; Modulations1 Introductions2 Modulations</p><p>Assignment</p><p>20 - ReharmonizationA ReharmonizationB BluesAssignment</p><p>21 - The Rhythm SectionA The Rhythm Section1 Drums2 String Bass3 Guitar4 Piano</p><p>Assignment</p><p>22 - Small Band WritingA Two HornsB Three HornsC Four HornsD Five HornsE Six Horns</p><p>23 - Open Voicing (cont.)A Open Voicings</p><p>24 - Five Saxes (cont.)A Five SaxesB Six BrassC Seven BrassD Concerted Voicings (Brass + Saxes)E Concerted Voicings (cont.)Assignment</p><p>25 - Planning And Constructing An ArrangmentA PlanningB FormC Planning Time DurationD ScoringE General SuggestionsAssignment</p><p>Coda</p></li></ul>