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  • Annual SAFA Cape Town Congress, CAPE TOWN, 10 APRIL 2016


  • Presidential Address


    I am very pleased to present my annual report to all the members,

    officials, players, associate members, and Life Members.

    SAFA Cape Town Region has shown over time that it is the best

    and most well-administered Region of all the SAFA Regions

    throughout the country. This is no doubt due to the competence,

    dedication and ability of many officials who administer our LFAs, and those who serve on the

    Regional Executive Committee (REC), and the Management Committee (MANCO). We

    are also blessed with a dedicated and committed office staff who continue to perform valiantly

    despite relatively low pay.

    The most important thing is that the Region is stable which allows the officials to concentrate on

    the development of football which is our core business. Our financial position could be better,

    but is probably the best of all the SAFA Regions as we continue to show a positive difference

    between income and expenditure. We lack more

    sponsorships which is very difficult to attract in an

    increasingly depressed economy. It is therefore

    even more important for those who are employed

    and those who can afford to assist those less

    privileged and those who are unemployed. We

    have a

    duty to


    football for all our communities especially those

    previously and still currently disadvantaged.


    Our governance of football in the Region has

    improved. Regular REC and MANCO meetings are

    held. With all LFAs being represented on the REC,

    there can be little or no complaints about the information flow from the Region to the LFAs.

    However, the problem is that there are several LFAs who do not attend REC meetings which

    puts them at a disadvantage. This is an area where there can be much improvement.

  • SAFA Cape Town hosted the SAFA Extraordinary Constitutional Congress on 26 September 2015

    at the Cape Sun in Cape Town where important amendments were made to the SAFA Statutes

    ranging from the National Statutes to LFA Statutes. The

    meeting was well organised, well attended, and

    culminated in an U-17 match at Athlone Stadium

    between the AmaJimbos and Chile which

    subsequently hosted the U-17 World Cup. The gala

    dinner that preceded the match was well attended,

    and all REC members were invited to attend.

    Committee meetings are not well attended which

    seems to indicate that there are many LFAs who are

    either one-man (woman) shows or they simply do not

    make an effort to attend the meetings. All

    Committees are important, not only the Competitions

    Committee which at least appears to be well

    attended at all times.


    As indicated above, our finances are in a positive space. There is much room for improvement.

    We continue to rely on monies received from

    registrations, and this year we will revert to the

    yearly registration of players. The experiment with

    two-yearly registrations was detrimental to the

    Regions coffers. There are still LFAs who under-

    register, and it is the intention to clamp down on

    this practice, and to take the necessary

    disciplinary action if needs be.

    Our Treasurer needs to be commended for his

    solid performance in that position and keeping

    our finances in check, and keeping all of us in

    check when it comes to demands on the



    The Coke Competition was again run competently with far less protests and complaints than

    previous years. We do need to ensure that the prize money for the Coke Competition is

  • increased and an early engagement with Coke is required. The inter-LFA Competition also

    went smoothly and it is pleasing to note that most of the LFAs participated. We congratulate all

    the winners concerned.


    This season we embark on a massive project in terms of which we taken over the running of

    schools in the SAFA Cape Town Region. This is a daunting project which we must undertake

    with the necessary vigour and determination. If properly run, our future will be secured. We wish

    those involved in driving the project all the best.

    Womens Football

    Our womens football

    improves all the time,

    and has demonstrated

    that with more support

    and resources, they

    could be even better.

    We have had national

    representation coming

    from womens football

    whereas this has not

    been the case with mens football. Hopefully schools football will also give womens football a

    major boost.

    The Presentation Awards

    The junior presentation was held at the

    Bonteheuwel Sports Complex and the senior

    presentation at the Cape Town Civic.

    Congratulations to all those who won their

    awards and to those Life Members who were

    conferred this special status at the senior


  • Conclusion

    The past season went relatively smoothly and I

    am confident that we can look forward to the

    new season with hope and encouragement

    that we will improve in all areas of our many

    activities. It remains to thank all of you from the

    LFAs in particular who ensure football for the

    masses on a weekly basis. I also wish to thank

    our fellow REC and MANCO members for their

    dedication, commitment and support and for

    working together to make the Region even


    Norman Arendse (SC)


    SAFA Cape Town

  • Report of the General Secretary & Executive Committee 2015-16

    Composition of Regional Executive Committee:

    Management Committee

    Norman ARENDSE (SC)


    Siyabulela PONOANE (Vice


    Bennett BAILEY (Vice President),

    Nomonde DLAKANA (General


    Wayne WEITZ (Treasurer)

    Andrew BOTHMAN (REC


    Lutfeyah ABRAHAMS (REC


    Regional Executive Committee

    Siyabonga NENE

    Linda PISTOLI

    Zama YOKWANA

    Elton LOTRIET

    Michael MBETHENI

    Bayanda SIKITI

    Luzuko HLATUKA

    Vuye KOMANI

    Michael SHINTO

    Goodwin LEWIS

    Juda NKOSI

    Omar BURTON

    Reginald ALLAH

    Faizel SAMAAI

    Claude BROWN

    Reyaad JOSEPH

    Martin NEEWAT

    Linsday DAVIDS

    Terence HERMANUS

    Momelezi DINGA

    Malixole MAVALELISO

    Tini MOHAU

    Gasant ABBASS

  • Mzwandile MPHAHELE

    Mzunbanzi BALINTILO

    Honorary Members


    Eric DALTON

    Bieniejamin ALEXANDER

    SAFA CT Administration Staff

    Morne Barnes

    Kally Maasdorp

    Namhla Sombexe

    Andiswa Masimini

    Greschen Jaftha

  • SAFA Cape Town Partners

  • Audited Financial Statements ending 31 October 2015



    31 October 2015


    Approval of the annual financial statements 1

    Report of the independent auditors 2

    Regional Executive Committees report 3

    Statement of financial position 4

    Statement of comprehensive income 5 - 7

    Statement of cash flows 8

    Notes to the annual financial statements 9 - 13


    The annual financial statements as set out on pages 3 to 13 were approved at the Annual

    General Meeting held on 10 April 2016 and are signed on behalf of the Regional Executive

    Committee by:






    We have audited the annual financial statements of SAFA Cape Town, which comprise the

    Regional Executive Committees report, the statement of financial position at 31 October 2015, the

    statement of comprehensive income and statement of cash flows for the year then ended, and a

    summary of significant accounting policies and other explanatory notes, as set out on pages 3 to


    Regional Executive Committees responsibility for the financial statements.

    The Regional Executive Committee is responsible for the preparation and fair presentation of these

    financial statements in accordance with the basis of accounting set out in note 1 to the financial