Annual report of the sales tax section for the year 1935. Tax Commission of Ohio, 1936. 33 pp. Apply to the Tax Commission

Download Annual report of the sales tax section for the year 1935. Tax Commission of Ohio, 1936. 33 pp. Apply to the Tax Commission

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    administration and management. It sets forth ideals and objectives which should dominate the governing boards, executives, and staff in the administration of public recreation. * Real Property Inventory of the Cleveland

    Metropolitan District, 1986. Apply to How- ard Whipple Green, Director, 1900 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland. $15.00

    Cleveland claims the distinction of being the only city in the country which takes a com- plete annual inventory of every house, lot, and building and movement of every family. This data, broken down into 321 census tracts, denotes trends indicative of what is happening throughout the country, especially in the heavy industry cities of the middle-west- ern states. Included in the material is infor- mation on housing conditions, the amount of residential construction and demolition, and the cost of construction. * Drunken Driving. Report 109 of the Unit-

    ed States Conference of Mayors, 730 Jackson Place, Washington, D. C., 1936. 15 pp. mimeo.

    During 1935 more than 40 per cent of the cities reporting experienced a rise in the num- ber of intoxicated drivers. Methods followed by American cities in testing those arrested for drunken driving and the penalties imposed for conviction of this offense are described in this survey. * Housing for the Family. By the Com-

    mittee on Housing, Womens City Club of New York, 22 Park Avenue, New York City. 40 pp. Twenty-five cents.

    Investigators went from tenement to tene- ment and talked with the women who lived in them to learn what they considered the essentials of good housing. The housewives expressed additional views which very possi- bly might not occur to the architects of low cost housing. They told why, for instance, they preferred bath tubs to showers, why they wanted clothes drying rooms in the base- ment rather than on the roof, and why they wanted large kitchens. *

    Municipal Revenues from Sources Other Than Taxxation. By Edward W. Harding. Publication No. 35 of the New York State Conference of Mayors and Other Municipal

    Officials, Albany, 1935, 165 pp. mimeo. $1.50. Municipalities in their search for revenue

    are discovering new sources, charging individ- uals and groups for special services and priv- ileges the expense of which was formerly borne by the general taxpayer, and relying more than they have in the past on so-called mis- cellaneous revenue sources. This study lists actual charges made for specific services in more than 250 cities in the United States. *

    Metropolitan Milwaukee. By the Joint Committee on Consolidation in Milwaukee County. Directed by Paula Lynagh, 1936. 97 PP.

    Within the Milwaukee metropolitan district, which is a single trading area, are ninety- three local governments. This study produces the facts upon which is based the conclusion that more centralization of the local govern- ment is necessary.

    * Annual Report of the Sales Tax Section

    for the Year 1936. Tax Commission of Ohio, 1936. 33 pp. Apply to the Tax Commission.

    The source and distribution of the sales tax dollars in Ohio and the extent to which the sales tax has served in this state as a replace- ment measure are given in this study.

    * Regional Planning. Part I, Pacific North-

    west. National Resources Committee, 1936. 192 pp. Fifty cents. Apply to Superintendent of Documents, Washington, D. C.

    This is the first of a series of reports on regional planning problems of several different sections of the country. It deals with imme- diate and urgent problems in the Columbia Basin, particularly with the policies and or- ganization which should be provided for plan- ning, construction, and operation of certain public works in that area.

    * Fire Loss Prevantion in Buftalo, New

    York. By the Buffalo Municipal Research Bureau, 1936. 23 pp. mimeo. Twenty-five cents. Apply to the Buffalo Municipal Re- search Bureau.

    This is a comparative study of fire losses, fire insurance premium rates, grading as to fire extinguishing, and methods employed for pre- venting fires in Buffalo and other large cities in the United States.


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