Annual Giving: Building the Donor Pyramid

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Annual Giving: Building the Donor Pyramid. Helen Harding Director of Annual Giving & Membership. Introduction. What is Annual Giving? Donor Information Management Strategies for Growth Donor Relations Management Role in the Overall Development Plan AAUM Annual Fund Solicitation Calendar - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Annual Giving</p> <p>Annual Giving: Building the Donor PyramidHelen HardingDirector of Annual Giving &amp; MembershipIntroductionWhat is Annual Giving?Donor Information ManagementStrategies for GrowthDonor Relations ManagementRole in the Overall Development PlanAAUM Annual Fund Solicitation CalendarOpen Forum</p> <p>2What is Annual Giving?Annual Fund is defined as-Gifts that are renewableGifts that are unrestrictedGifts solicited for current useGifts of a certain amount3Methods of AAUM Annual Gifts Solicitations</p> <p>4Donor Information ManagementPurpose: Capture Information and retrieve it in usable fashion to-Maintain communications with donorSolicit DonationsStewardshipAnalyze the effectiveness of fundraising efforts5Strategies for GrowthThree basic strategies for increasing revenue for annual fundIncrease the gift size of current donorsIncrease the number of gifts from current donorsIncrease the number of current donors</p> <p>6Strategies for GrowthStage of Decision-makingAwareness Prospect knows about the orgInterest- Prospect wants to know moreAffinity- Prospect likes orgAction- Prospect makes donationFeedback- Prospect gets positive reinforcement that action was correct</p> <p>7Strategies for GrowthStages of Donor RelationshipsIdentificationCultivationSolicitationStewardship</p> <p>8Pyramid of Giving</p> <p>InvestmentInvolvement</p> <p>Identification9AAUM Annual Fund CalendarResources</p> <p> Hardingseminole@umich.edu734-763-9739</p>