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1. english editing for scientistsEDANZ JOURNAL SELECTOR HELPS AUTHORSOVERCOME PUBLICATION BARRIERSA free tool for authors to match their manuscript to suitable journals Whats new? Whos who? Revolutionizing journal selection Edanz Group - the premier provider of language editing for the worldwide scientific community, Free help for authors in choosing their target journal and the only editing service fully localized in China 18,000+ journals indexed and Japan An online platform dedicated to helping scientistspublish their research Parity Computing the leading supplier of powerful data mining, analytics, and decision- State-of-the-art, patented algorithms from Parity support systems to scientific publishersComputingFukuoka, Japan and Beijing, China, 11 June 2012 The worldwide author community now has a dynamic new way to select the most appropriate journal in which to publish. As part of its mission to help scientists communicate their research globally, Edanz has launched the free-to-use Journal Selector as part of its Journal Advisor platform. Journal Selector, which indexes over 18,000 journals, uses state of the art semantic technology to match an authors research to journals that publish articles on similar topics. The Journal Selector is freely available here: The Edanz Journal Advisor provides authors, especially non-native English speakers, with tools and services to help them overcome barriers to publication success. It also includes guides and videos that inform authors about the publication process. 2. Journal SelectorThe Edanz Journal Selector is easy to use and delivers results immediatelyHow to use it 3. Narrow your optionsUsing Journal Selector, authors enter a brief descriptionof their research. Users can input a whole abstract, ratherthan just the few terms or phrases that current academicand science search tools allow. Journal Selector thenmatches the authors research to journals that arepublishing articles on similar topics. After selecting ajournal, authors can then use Edanz educationalresources and services to improve the language of theirmanuscript, write a cover letter, and prepare forsubmission and peer review.1. Insert English sample textAuthors abstract, short description,key phrases, or abstract from similar paper Basic journal informationMatch analysis Similar articles published by the journal2. Filter and refine 4. Visit journal websitesRevise sampletext to refineresultsImpact FactorPublicationfrequency 3. Powerful tool to overcome the barrier of selecting a suitable journalThrough our work with scientific authors, particularly inChina Director, Journal Selector provides the worldwideChina and Japan, we have found that one of their greatest author community with a powerful new tool that will savedifficulties is knowing which journal to submit to. The time and increase chances of publication success. It willEdanz Journal Selector, the first of several phases for the also benefit journal editors, who currently receive largeEdanz Journal Advisor platform, helps them overcome thisnumbers of submissions unsuited for publication in theirbarrier states Benjamin Shaw, Edanz Groups Global and journal.Primary difficultyResponseduring manuscriptpreparationAuthor Challenges Surveyon RespondentsCutting-edge semantic technologyThe Journal Selector is powered by patented semanticThis multifunctional tool has a range of applications thattechnology developed by Parity Computing of San Diego,promise to revolutionize how authors select an appropriateUSA. We are very excited that Edanz has selected Parityjournal and how they prepare to communicate theirComputings Semantic Profiling Engine to power the research.Edanz Journal Advisor platform to enrich the authorsjournal submission process, said Steve Nathan, CEO andPresident of Parity Computing, Inc.About Edanz Edanz Group Ltd. (, established in Japan in 1995 and China in 2006, provides English language editing and related services for the worldwide scientific community. Edanz, the exclusive worldwide English editing partner of publishers Springer, BioMed Centralenglish editing for scientists and the American Institute of Physics, helps authors reach their publication goals by raising the language quality of manuscripts to the standard needed for acceptance. Edanz team of over 350 native English-speaking editorsincludes experts covering all scientific areas. As the only international editing service fully localized in China and Japan, Edanz understands the challenges faced by non-native English speaking scientists in achieving publication success. About Parity Computing Parity ( provides powerful data mining, analytics, and decision- support systems to publishers and enterprises in the science, technology, and medical (STM) industry. Additionally, Paritys Clinical Vigilance product line monitors disparate healthcare data sources to create better patient outcomes by providing evidence-based clinical decision support.For more information Benjamin Shaw - Global and China Director, Edanz Group