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RTI recently introduced RTI Connext, a new family of products designed to connect real-time applications across an enterprise. Linking systems on the operational edge with mission-critical IT applications, RTI Connext provides seamless, enterprise-wide integration to improve efficiency, responsiveness and real-time business intelligence (BI). In this video, Curt Schacker, Chief Commercial Officer of RTI, takes you through the announcement, why its significant to a variety of industries and application areas. In addition, he discusses a recent customer use case: Siemens Wind Power. The News Feb 14, 2012: RTI Introduces RTI Connext for Enterprise-Wide Integration, From the Operational Edge to the Enterprise Data Center New Corporate Strategy Extends Leadership in Aerospace and Defense to Commercial Industries, Improving Operational Efficiency for the Business Enterprise Real-time enterprise service bus (ESB) delivers ultra high performance and scalability Integrates and aligns IT and operational technology (OT) across the business RTI announces new customer: Siemens Wind Power


  • 1. Introducing RTI ConnextTMEmbargoed until Feb 13, 2012

2. RTI Company Snapshot World leader in fast, scalable communications software for real-time operational systems Over 350,000 deployed licenses in over 500 unique projects Strong leadership in Aerospace and Defense; broadening adoptionin Industrial Control, Automotive, Healthcare and more Privately held 2 3. RTI Excels at Operational Systems3 4. Todays News RTI introduces the Connext family of communication products.Connext is the only infrastructure that combines: The performance, scalability and reliability needed by operational systems with The integration and flexible-messaging capabilities of IT systems. Connext is the first edge-to-enterprise real-time SOA platform. Siemens Wind Power exemplifies the business value of merging high-performance infrastructure with enterprise IT.Embargoed to Feb 13, 2012 4 5. Business Imperative: IT/OT ConvergenceThe benefits that come from managing InformationTechnology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT)convergence, alignment and integration includeoptimized business processes, enhancedinformation for better decisions, reduced costs,lower risks and shortened project timelines. Gartner 5 6. Major Benefits Real-time situational awareness across the enterprise Real-time analytics: Predictive maintenance, energycosts, operating efficiency, resource allocation Asset management: where are they, how are theybeing used Continuous security assessment and threat response Holistic system-of-systems (SoS) management6 7. Problem: IT and OT Face Different Realities Operational Systems IT SystemsSpeedReal world (physical processes)HumanArchitecture Decentralized (peer-to-peer) Centralized data center (huband spoke)Data flowEvent-driven: sensors, alarms, Transactional, non real-time commands. Extremely time critical.PlatformsTiny embedded or mobile systemsPowerful servers through powerful serversLack integration powerLack performanceand scalability 7 8. RTI Bridges the GapOperational Technology (OT) Information Technology (IT)(Devices & Software) (Business Applications)Extreme Performance Integration Powerand Scalability Connext8 9. RTI Connext FamilyConnext Integrator Operational Systems Information Technology (IT)Connext ConnextConnext Micro DDSMessagingConnext IntegratorConnext Micro Integrates OT systems, bridges to IT Low memory footprint for small devices Real-time SOA platform Certifiable to stringent safety standardsConnext Messaging Connext DDS App-to-app messaging within a system Leading implementation of DDS standard Ultra high performance & scalability Foundation of Connext product line9 10. Siemens Wind Power: Limited by their Infrastructure Worlds #1 wind turbinemanufacturer OT/IT needs: Control power output Prevent gust damage Balance farm load Predictive maintenance Optimize energy pricing Very large scale Farms can be 500 turbines About 1m real-time data points No technology could deliverperformance, scale, andintegration power10 11. Siemens Wind Power: Connext in ActionSiemens relies on RTI to Ensure turbines intelligentlycommunicate with networks and ITsystems Enable real-time performance anddistributed operational control Integrate business systems tomaximize efficiency and detectmaintenance problemsRTI melds distributed performance withIT business intelligence 11 12. Takeaways IT/OT integration is a business imperative Real-time intelligence Optimize resources & decisions RTIs Connext uniquely addresses this convergence Edge-to-enterprise real-time data availability High-performance, scalable RTI solution leverages proven operational technology Hundreds of mission-critical applications Siemens demonstrates how RTI merges IT/OTNews embargoed until Feb 13th, 2012 12 13. Thank you13