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Brief presentation about ccLearn and some current and proposed projects related to the open education movement.


<ul><li>1.ccLearn Ahrash N Bissell Nathan Yergler</li></ul> <p>2. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>What is ccLearn? </li></ul> <p>The educational division of Creative Commons. 3. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>Why do we exist? </li></ul> <p>CC licenses= infrastructural glue. Advice, support, advocacy for open education movement. 4. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>What are we doing? </li></ul> <p>Guiding principles 5. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>What are we doing? </li></ul> <p>Clarifying licensing for educators choices and consequences 6. 7. 8. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>What are we doing? </li></ul> <p>Working towards open education 2.0 beyond content 9. 10. 11. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>What are we doing? </li></ul> <p>Building open education search engine web-scale, no frills, 12. 13. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>What are we doing? </li></ul> <p>Increasing visibility of OER, OCWC, and everyone in open education movement 14. ccLearn </p> <ul><li>What role with OCWC? </li></ul> <p>Collaboration on sustainability issues. Consultation on standards and licensing. International reach. 15. Learn </p>