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  • 1. Volume 40 Issue Number 8 MAFCA 2006 CERTIFICATE OF MERIT August 2007General Membership Anniversary Tour & PicnicFriday,Sunday, August 26th August 17, 2007 8:00 p.m. 9:45 am Meet at Harbor Freight (formerly Joannes on Contra1st Lutheran ChurchCosta Blvd.Hall,10:15 amLeave Harbor FreightConcord 10:45 amArrive at Bill Pughs Shop 11 Noon Tour of Bills Shop and Pre-Lunch Social Hour NoonBBQ - LunchSpecial Attractions 1:30 (approx) Leisurely Drive Downtown Antique Shops, Glass Stu- Anniversary Tourdios, State Capitol In Memory of Nita ... The Ford LogoFood Assignments: Very, Very Last Laugh A-G Salads * H-P Snacks (Chips & Dip, Deviled Eggs, etc) * Q-Z Dessert .. Inside Insights For those that would like to drive directly to Bills shop:Johnnys Journey3 Cross the Benicia/Martinez bridge.Stay to the right at the toll plaza 680 to- ward Sacramento.Take the Bayshore Rd exit....Turn left onto Bayshore. Sunshine Report 4 Turn right onto Park Rd.Turn left onto Industrial Way....Turn right onto Upcoming Events 4 Oregon St. (just past the railroad tracks.Classified4Caught in the Headlights5The Garage6Technical Seminar 6Era Notes 7Upcoming Tours9Calendar 11

2. VO LU ME 4 0 I S SU E N U MB E R 82The Ford Oval 1903 - Letters and logos. The script lettering was first used on company communications in 1903 but the first production car, the Model A, received special treatment. Ford produced the first logo for the car, complete with an art nouveau border, very fashionable at the time.1906 - Script with wings. By 1906, a more developed form of script appeared with long-tailed "F" and "D" letters and known as the "script with wings". This logo was used on all Ford cars up to the end of 1910 when the lettering was revised again in the form that is still in use today. The Ford script trademark was registered at the United States Patent Office in 1909.1907 - First oval. The first Ford oval was first used in 1907 by British agents Perry, Thornton and Schreiber - the forerunners of the original Ford Motor Company Limited of Great Britain. This oval was used to advertise1906 the Ford as the "hallmark for reliability and economy".1911 - Definitive oval. By combining the script and oval, Ford created the definitive logo in 1911 and used it primarily to identify Ford dealers in the UK. How- ever, the Ford vehicles and company communications continued to use the script lettering until the late 1920s.1912 - The Universal Car. For a brief time, Ford did move away from the oval design and used a winged triangle design on their cars. Originally designed to symbolize speed, lightness, grace and stability, the logo was pro- duced in orange or dark blue and carried the words "The Universal Car". Henry Ford disliked the design and it was swiftly discontin- ued.1927 - Ford oval Badge. The new Model A for 1927 was the first Ford vehicle to carry the Ford oval as a radiator badge. With the familiar deep royal blue1912 background that we know today, the logo was used on many cars until the end of the 1950s. Although used consistently on company communications, the Ford oval badge was not used on Ford vehi- cles again until the mid-1970s.The Blue oval today. Since 1976, the blue and silver Ford oval has been used as an identification badge on all Ford vehicles to provide an easily recog- 1927 nizable and consistent branding for all the company's plants, facili- ties and products around the world.(source: Ford Motor Company) From 3. VO LU ME 4 0 I S SU E N U MB E R 83 Johnnys Journey Moto-MeterElected Officials 2007 Board of DirectorsPresidentJohn Bailey (707) 745-8251Yummy The ice cream social was a great way to stave off theVice-President dog days of summer, what a treat. Judging from the smiles andRon Accornero (510) 521-4846Secretary empty ice cream containers a great time was had by all. ThanksCheryl Pierce (925) 798-9132 to everyone that made it a special time. TreasurerRuth Janke (925) 689-0859 Tour CoordinatorOh my aching everything - After a year and a half of retirementMariyln Neumann (925) 687-4691 Ive returned to full time employment, albeit temporarily. My pre-Past President Marianne Goodson (707) 745-8051 vious employer (the City of Benicia) had a sudden and unex-Editor pected shortage of operators at their wastewater plant and I havePeggy English(925) 682-3759 returned for a short encore. Since I hadnt operated for almost 20CLOCKMAN51@ASTOUND.NET years I forgot how much walking, crawling, and going up andAppointed Services down stairs and ladders was involved. Im having a blast.ACCC Representative Herb NeumannHistorianTechnical Seminar Extraordinaire The latest installment ofBarbara SharmanMembership Services Diablo As technical seminars was presented on July 7th. Profes- Marianne Goodson sors Grady and Janke did a masterful job in educating all in at- Refreshments Co-Coordinator tendance in the finer points of rebuilding your Model A transmis-Donna StaggsNCRG Representative sion. Our ever ready videographer Francis Ford Truesdell cap- Alex Janke tured the event from several angles for future production. As PhotographersWayne English & Bob Rigor most of you are aware, the sale of videos has put thousands of Public Relations dollars into our club treasury. We owe a great deal of thanks to Bob Rigor Sunshine Reporter Bill, Bob, and Alex for the fine work that they do, let them knowElsie Boarman you appreciate it next time you see them. Club Vests Marge Tait Video CzarThe Anniversary Tour/Picnic The date for the 30th annual an-Bill Truesdell niversary picnic is August 26, 2007. The picnic will be held at Bill WebCzar Steve Mick Pughs shop in Benicia. The food will be excellent and the com-The Moto-Meter: The Moto-Meter is the official publi- pany even better. In addition to the usual great food we will get acation of the Diablo As Chapter of the Model A FordClub of America. The Moto-Meter is published once a tour of Bills shop before lunch and a leisurely tour of downtownmonth and is mailed to each member in good standingand other Model A Ford Clubs in exchange for their Benicia after lunch. Look for details in this copy of the Motome-publication. The Moto-Meter takes no responsibility for ter. the accuracy of materials, dates, places, etc. of its con-tents.Permission to reproduce items in The Moto-Meter is hereby granted provided credit is given to TheMoto-Meter. The Moto-Meter welcomes any article, Hope to see you all at the August meeting and picnic.artwork or suggestions. Please submit all materials bythe Tuesday following the Board Meeting.Meetings: Meetings are held on the third Friday ofthe month at 8:00 PM at First Lutheran Church LCMS at John 4000 Concord Blvd., in Concord unless otherwise indi-cated in the Calendar of Events. GUESTS ARE AL-WAYS WELCOME.Membership: Membership in the Model A Ford Clubis not a prerequisite to join The Diablo As. BothMAFCA and The Diablo As membership commence onJanuary 1st, and expire on December 31st. MAFCAdues are $30.00 (MAFCA, 250 Cypress Ave., La Habra,CA 90631). The Diablo As dues of $45.00 per familyis payable to the treasurer. Subscriptions to the Moto-Meter are $15.00 per year. We thank the various clubs for the use of the many articles,jokes, fashion and technical advice that we have used. We areglad to share any articles that would be of interest to other clubsproviding proper credit is given. 4. VO LU ME 4 0 I S SU E N U MB E R 84Sunshine Report Upcoming EventsElsie Boarman Friday, August 17, 2007 General MembershipThe doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the meeting beginsat 8:00 p.m. at First Lutheran Church, 4000 ConcordBlvd., Concord. Guests are welcome. August 26Anniversary TourBenicia-Bill Pughs shopSeptember 1,2,3Stuck in LodiSept. 9Fun Ford SundaySept 7-9Feather River As-QuincySome of you saw the letter I wrote to Gary Bogue in the Contra Costa Times about Oak treesTuesday, Sept.. 6, 2007Board Meeting The Board loaded with acorns. I wrote to ask how the writer knew.Meet ing will be held at the home of Cheryl & Calvin Pierce. Please R.S.V.P.. Well, his answer was correct. My 3 oak trees in the back yard are loaded with acorns. So much so, two large branches fell in my yard. Fortunately no damage was done. Just a mess, which my gardener cleaned up.I love the new format the Motometer has taken. Also, I so enjoy Pete Goodsons, Caught in the Head- lights column. Great Job, editor.August and September look like fun months for For Sale Model Aing. Presidents Anniversary Tour and the La-1 set of four 19 inch wheels, powder coated orange bor Day Meet, Fun Ford Sunday, and Feather Riverwith tubes and tiresbalanced. Ready to roll$700 Tour.Contact Charlie Piazza925-933-9214If you are going to the one day Mystery Tour be sure to bring your $10 or send your bucks to Marilyn 1929 Standard Roadster $8000 Older restora- Neumann. Our tour leaders are still a mystery. tion, runs well, needs TLC and top. Good driver,Carol and Mike DiPietro are doing okay. Mike is solid body. going for chemo treatments. John Dickson is also con-Contact Stan Massie at (925) 284-9152 or Dan Dan- tinuing with very aggressive chemo. Keep them both inzig at (925) 216-8153 your prayers.Evelyn Wilson Broke her shoulder the first part 1929 Coupe $11,500.00 . The Yellow one with black of August. She is home. Steve Wilson had a heart attackfenders.Owned by Calvin and Cheryl Pierce. while he was here visiting his mother. They put in a stent925-798-9132 cell-925-864-9184 and he is going to take it easy for a while.Bob Gradys mother had surgery. She is doingNew Items Donated to the Club by Lady A Parts: well.Cards were sent to Florence Rose, having trou-Les Andrews Mechanics Handbook, the basic ble with her eyes, Jerry Hendrickson, Barbara Wernerguide to the maintenance and repair of the car - and Carol & Mike. $35Sandy and Bob Rigor has a marvelous trip to Air Maze filter - $25 Europe. Ask them...they would love to tell you about it. Timing Gear


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