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  • 1. Production Company The films production company was Universal Pictures, which is a major conglomerate company in the Hollywood industry. This company has major funding for its productions, as it has produced films like The Wolf On Wall Street.

2. Funding Universal Studios Being a large conglomerate, they can finance their own films 3. Distribution As Universal Pictures is a major conglomerate, it is able to work vertically and distribute its films as well. This means that they can control most of the market and retain much more profit than lower companies. 4. Budget 31 million 5. Box Office Gross The film has earned a gross of $12,802,907 (7,700,540) which is a fairly large Hollywood size profit, but is not incredibly large for Hollywood. 6. Director Joe Wright Nominated for three awards for Anna Karenina Best European Film David di Donatello Audience Award European Film Alexander Korda Award for Best British Film BAFTA Past films include... Atonement Pride & Prejudice Hanna 7. Actors The film contains highly famous celebrities such as Kiera Knightly and Jude Law who are both British actors. 8. Cinemas Released in 422 theatres worldwide 9. Promotion The film was promoted with a series of adverts, publicised on television, billboards and online. This is fairly normal for a film of this scale. There is a full length trailer used to promote the film. 10. Genre Drama 11. Success - Reviews Rotten Tomatoes 63% from critic reviews Average rating of 6.6/10 from ratings 50% from audience feedback Average rating of 3.2/5 from ratings Metacritic Metascore of 63/100 based on 41 critics User score of 6.5/10 based on 105 ratings 12. Success Awards and Accreditation Won 1 Oscar Best Achievement in Costume Design Won 17 awards in total, nominated for 37 others


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