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Melissa Wiley Final Project Proposal. Animated short. Currently I am interested in modeling or animating. My portfolio has some models, but no simple character animations. For my final project I will create an animated short focusing on the animation of a simple character. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Animated short

Animated shortMelissa Wiley Final Project ProposalCreating an Animated shortCurrently I am interested in modeling or animating.My portfolio has some models, but no simple character animations.For my final project I will create an animated short focusing on the animation of a simple character.Junk Yard DawgThis is a animated short about a junk yard dog, literally made from junk. Story begins in a junk yard, parts scattered around. When a sudden explosion occurs, the scraps form a animated scrap metal dog. The short shows character animation, using a simple model so focus can be animating the inanimate.Scrap Bike Parts

Junk Yard Dog From Scrap Bike

Scene: JunkYard

Sudden Explosion

The Bicycle scraps Piece together and create a Junk Yard Dog!

Dog slowly wobbles up. He has very stiff legs.

Dog Shakes head from side to side.

As he finds his feet He Leaps into the air

Landing in a pile of parts!

Slowly he straightens.

And does what dogs do, Relieves himself of excess break fluid.

Criteria for evaluationCompleted workStoryboard finalized.Completed movie approximately 30 seconds long.Scene file should be modeled and textured.Lighting should be accurate.Model should be complete and textured.Model should be rigged and animated.Movie should be rendered and complete as a viewable movie file.Movie file, storyboard, concept sketches should be placed together in a form so it can be presented on a website.Criteria for EvaluationAnimation should give the essence of a scrap metal dog.Textures should can be cartoon quality, but should look like what they are, scrap pieces.Scene should be balanced artistically and inviting to look upon.Lighting should be clear.Model and rig while simple, should create interesting shapes and be realistic for the character that it is.Criteria for evaluationMovie should be short, as it is an animated short, but still have a beginning, middle, and end.End result should show abilities to animate, model, texture and light a scene.However, more importantly it should show ability to animate a simple character.Should be an end piece that I would put in my portfolio.