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Name : Ridwan Islam Sifat ID : 16121036

Name : Ridwan Islam SifatID : 16121036

Animated Movie

First Animated MovieMany consider Walt Disney's 1937Snow White and the Seven Dwarfsthe first animated feature film, though at least seven films were released earlier. However, Disney's film was the first one completely made using hand-drawn animation.

Types of Animated MovieHand Drawn AnimationStop Motion AnimationComputer Generated Animation 2D Animation 3D Animation

Hand Drawn AnimationTraditional animation(or classicalanimation, orhand-drawn animation) is ananimation technique where each frame isdrawnbyhand.

Stop Motion AnimationStop motionis ananimationtechnique that physically manipulates an object so that it appears to move on its own. The object is moved in small increments between individually photographed frames, creating the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a continuous sequence.

3D Animation3D animation consists of varying properties of a 3 dimensional scene defined in numerical quantities. A 3D model can change properties such as position, rotation, shape and surface style. An animated 3D scene is defined by the change of these numerical properties through time. Apart from 3D objects, a scene contains a camera (point of view) and lights which can also be animated.

Top 10 Animated movies FrozenMinionsSpirited AwayThe Lion KingToy StoryBeauty and The BeastPrincess MononokeThe IncrediblesThe Iron GiantHow to Train Your Dragon

Academy AwardsThe film went on to win five AnnieAwards, including Best Animated Feature. At the 86th AcademyAwards,Frozenbecame the first film by Walt Disney Animation Studios to win theAcademy Awardfor Best Animated Feature, andwonthe Best Original Songawardfor "Let It Go".