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The Animal Kingdom according to Sponge Bob Squarepants

Florida Master Naturalist Project -C. Kress1Kingdom Phylum Class Order Genus SpeciesAll living creatures belong to one of five Kingdoms: Animals, plants, fungi, protists and monerans. The protists and monerans (which includes bacteria) are micro-organisms, one celled individuals that can live in colonies, like yogurt. Animals, plants and fungi are macro-organisms and grow bodies.Of the Animal Kingdom, there are 2 important distinctions: Invertebrates and Vertebrates. Vertebrates (Chordata), with a backbone, is considered one type of Phylum, where there are 14 different Phylums for the Invertebrates. All living things are given a scientific name from 2 words (in Greek or Latin). The first is the Genus and the second the Species.

Humans are : homo sapiens Dogs are: canis familiaris Cats are: felis domesticus

2Animal Kingdom OverviewInvertebratesMollusks are known for their hard shells. Some have evolved a more advanced defense like the Cephalopoda. Squidward is actually an octopus (with only 6 legs). They are more solitary creatures then squids.4InvertebratesAnthropods are known for jointed foot and for external skeletons. 5InvertebratesInvertebratesVertabrates Chordates -BackbonesVertebrates

VertebratesQuestionsPlankton is not really the name of a plant or animal. Its more of a category for any drifting organism that inhabits the Upper levels of the ocean (the Pelagic zone). Plankton is divided into 3 main types:1) Phytoplankton (from Greek phyton or plant), algae that live near the water surface where there is light for photosynthesis2) Zooplankton (from Greek zoo or animal), small protozoa, crustaceans, jellyfish and and other animals that feed on plankton. Some eggs and larvae of larger animals (like fish, crustaceans and annelids are included here). 3) Bacterioplankton, bacteria and archaea, which help in absorbing nutrients dissolved in the water.

QuestionsThe author of the script says he wanted Bob to be a neat and cornered like a sink sponge. A sink sponge is made out of cellulose which would mean that he is from the Plant Kingdom.


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