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Anglisht me foto dhe fjali - English with photos and words - Little Picture Dictionary / Fjalor ne 112 faqe - shume praktik!(m.d)


  • E-mail.: madopol(at)yahoo.comLITTLE ENGLISH (PICTURE)DICTIONARY -1-
  • Adjectives An adjective is a word that describes something. afraid alike angry asleep ajar When things are alike When you are angry, When you are When youre afraid, Something that is ajar you are scared. is partly open. The they look the same. you are very mad. asleep you are not awake. door is ajar. bad When something is biggest awake bad, it is has big bigger The boy on theWhen you are awake, unpleasant qualities. When someone or The boy in the middle right is the is bigger than the boy you are not asleep. The opposite of bad is something is big, it is biggest of the good. above average size. on the left. three. broken brittle When Something that is something is black blue brittle will break or broken, it doesBlack is the color of a The sky is blue during brave snap in two easily. not work or very dark night. the day. Someone who is has been Potato chips are brave has courage. damaged. brittle. courage colorful A quality in brown clean closed Something that is which a personBrown is the color of colorful is brightly can face When something is When something is wood. colored or has many danger or pain clean, it is not dirty. closed, it is not open. colors. without The door is closed. showing excessive fear. -2-
  • different early excellent dark When things are dirty When somethings WhenWhen it is dark, there different they are not When something is happens early, it something is isnt much light. the same. dirty, it is not clean. occurs in the excellent, it is beginning part of the very, very day or it occurs good. before it was expected to happen. frightened fast fat fiery full When we areThis girl can run very The opposite of fat is Fiery means very hot. This glass is full. frightened, we fast. thin. Fiery embers flew Empty is the opposite are afraid. out of the campfire. of full. green gray Grass, broccoli, and good Elephants are large, many other plants are healthy When something is gray mammals. Gray green. You can make happy When you are good, it is has nice paint can be made by green paint by People usually smile healthy, youqualities. The opposite mixing black and mixing blue and when theyre happy. are not sick. of good is bad. white paint. yellow paint. last little littler large When someone or The boy in the hot When someone or The last item or something is little, it middle is littler Fire is very hot. something is large, it is person is the one at the end. is below average in than the boy above average size. size. on the right. -3-
  • loud mad littlest long When you are mad at many The boy on the left is When something is The opposite of loud The are many someone, you arethe littlest of the three. long, it is not short. is quiet. apples above. angry with them. new multicolored narrow When something is old open Multicolored means When something is new, it hasnt been When someone or Something that having many colors. narrow, it doesnt take used before. something is old, it is open is not up a lot space from has been around for a shut. The door side to side. is open. long, long time. orangeOrange is a color. You pink purple red can mix red and Pink is the color you The color purple is quiet Red is the first yellow paint to get get when you mix red made by mixing red When it is quiet there color in the orange. and white paint. and blue paint. is no noise. rainbow. short shortest sad scared When someone or shorter The boy on theSometimes people cry When youre scared, something is short, it The boy in the middle left is the when theyre sad. you are afraid. is below average is shorter than the shortest of the height. boy on the right. three. slow smaller sick When something is small The boy in the shut When you are sick, slow it does not When someone or middle is When something is you are not healthy. move quickly. something is small, it smaller thanshut, it is not open The door is shut. is below average size. the boy on the right. -4-
  • ________ tall smallest straight


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