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Angiosperm Anatomy. Test Vocabulary. 1. Anther. At end of stamen. Produces pollen. 2. Calyx. The set of sepals. 6. Corolla. The set of petals. 8. Filament. Thin part of stamen that supports the anther. 11. Ovary. At the base of a carpel. Where seeds develop. Becomes the fruit. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Plant Anatomy

Angiosperm AnatomyTest Vocabulary1. AntherAt end of stamen. Produces pollen.2. CalyxThe set of sepals6. CorollaThe set of petals8. FilamentThin part of stamen that supports the anther.11. OvaryAt the base of a carpel. Where seeds develop. Becomes the fruit.15. PetalNon-sexual, often showy part of a flower used to attract pollinators.16. PistilThe set of carpels in a flower. Often used synonymously for carpel17. PollenReleased by anther. Produces sperm.20. SepalsNon-sexual flower bud scales. Sometimes showy.21. StamenThe male reproductive structure. Made up of anther and filament.23. StigmaThe sticky receptive tip of a carpel.24. StyleThe tube between the stigma and ovary on a carpel28. BladeThe flattened, photosynthetic, part of a leaf.29. Compound leafA leaf divided into leaflets.36. Palmately compound leafLeaflets radiate from a common point.39. PetioleLeaf stalk41. Pinnately compound leafLeaflets branch off a mid vein, like the pinna of a feather44. Simple leafA leaf with a single blade, not divided into leaflets.47. VeinClump of vascular tissue in leavesAdded: TendrilA thin, modified leaf, used for grasping a supportAdded: StomataLeaf pores for gas exchange50. BarkOuter layer of stem outside the vascular cambium.53. EpidermisSingle surface layer of cells on the outside of a young stem.54. InternodeThe section of stem between nodes55. MeristemThe zone of dividing cells. In stems, its in the vascular cambium.56. NodeOften swollen point on a stem where leaves and buds attach.57. PhloemAlso called inner bark. A single layer of live cells outside the vascular cambium that transports plant products through plant61. Vascular cambiumSingle layer of meristem tissue, produces xylem inside and phloem outside.63. XylemStem tissue on the inside of the vascular cambium that conducts water up a plant. The major component of wood.64. Adventitious rootRoots that arise from somewhere other than the normal root zone65. Diffuse rootsRoots divided equally among several roots (no tap root). Can be FIBROUS or FLESHY.66. Root hairTiny projections near the end of a root that aid in absorption.RootcapA protective layer of tissue that protects the tender tip of a root and its meristem zone.68. TaprootA root system consisting of one main root, like a carrot.