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Androids latest OS upgrade, Jelly Bean 4.2, has some amazing new set of features with some overhauls of previous features.


<ul><li>1.Jelly Beans 4.2 Features</li></ul> <p>2. New Flavor Of Jelly Bean: On November 13, 2012 Google releasedthe much-awaited upgrade of JellyBean. LGs Nexus 4 and SamsungsNexus 10 are the rst devices to run the17th API of this OS. The bestsmartphones using this OS todayinclude HTC One X, Samsung GalaxyNote 2 and Sony Xperia Ion amongothers. Googles latest OS doesnt offermuch new like its previous version JellyBean 4.1 or expected by Key Lime Pie. 3. Whats New: Androids latest OS upgrade, JellyBean 4.2, has some amazing newset of features with someoverhauls of previous features.The silky-smooth performance ofAndroid 4.2 adds much moreglossiness to Jelly Bean. 4. Share whats on your phone on the big screen. Android 4.2 gives you a quick and easy way of sharingwhatever is running on your smart device on the big screenand that too wirelessly. With this OS on your smartphone ortablet you can display your favorite images, youtube videos ormovies to any HDMI-enabled TV. 5. DayDream Daydream is an excitingly unique feature that stands outin the latest upgrade. It allows your smartphone or tabletto become a digital photo frame or digital newspaperwhen it is idle or docked. With this feature you can showany useful information on your device screen while it isidling on the charger. 6. Widgets Work Like Magic. Customization of widgets has become a whole lot easierwith the new avor of Jelly Bean. Things make space ontheir own as you put new widgets on your home screen.Interactions with the favorite apps have become more fun! 7. Beam Photos and Videos. Android Beam feature, made on the lines of Bumptechnology, allows you to share your favorite images,videos, contacts or business cards just by touching yourfriends NFC-enabled Android Jelly Bean device. Just tapthe devices back-to-back and beam whatever you want. 8. Expandable, Actionable Notications. The notication section has been radically improved in thenew version. Notications are now more readable withincreased-size. You can collapse two notications in a singlerow and expand from one to two. Users can also act on thenotications such as missed call can be quickly returned witha callback button within the notication. 9. TechAhead is a leading Android ApplicationDevelopment company. We have developed hundredsof successful and scalable Android apps for diversegenres. Our philosophy revolves around customerdelight which has led us to have a hundred percentclient satisfaction record.Got an Android Application Development requirement?Write to us at for a FREE 30-minute noobligation consultation with our Android app experts ($200Value). You can also reach us on:Facebook - - - </p>