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  • 1. Android: Software stack for mobile devices Includes an operating system, middleware and key applications Designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices Android Application: An Android app is a software application running on the Android platform. Development requirements: Java Android SDK Eclipse IDE (optional)

2. This application is for users better feelings. First it will check the feelings of people and will show messages, pictures and some thing funny and interesting for user to make his/her feelings better than he/she has. User also can keep his/her quotes in here. My Android Application: 3. Another Activities of My Application: 4. Android Operating System: Applications Application Framework Libraries and Android Runtime Linux Kernel 5. Connection of My Application with Android Operating System: LIBRARIES SGL SQLite ANDROID RUNTIME Core Libraries Dalvik Virtual Machine 6. APPLICATION FRAMEWORK APPLICATIO N Activity Manager Notification Manager The View System Resource Manager 7. Activity is running Activity starts Process is killed Activity is shut down The activity comes to the foreground The activity is no longer visible Other applications need memory User navigates back to the activity onRestart() onDestroy() onStop() onStart() onCreate() Process Of My Application: 8. Thank You


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