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2. Essential Question: Champion of KingtheOR Andrew? Common Man? 3. Voting Requirementsin the Early 19 th Century 4. Voter Turnout: 1820 18602008: ~56% 5. Why IncreasedDemocratization?3 White male suffrage increased3 Party nominating committees.3 Voters chose their states slate of Presidentialelectors.3 Spoils system.3 Rise of Third Parties.3 Popular campaigning (parades, rallies, floats, etc.)3 Two-party system returned in the 1832 election: Dem-Reps Natl. Reps.(1828) Whigs(1832) Republicans (1854) Democrats (1828) 6. Born in a log cabin in??? 7. Scarred during Revolution for refusing to shine Britishofficers bootsFirst Known Painting, 1815 8. General JacksonDuring the SeminoleWars 9. The Common MansPresidential Candidate 10. Jacksons Opponents in 1824 Henry Clay John Quincy Adams John C. Calhoun[KY][MA] [SC]William H. Crawford[GA] 11. A CorruptBargain?Electoral VoteCandidatePopular VoteAndrew Jackson 43% 99J.Q. Adams 31% 84William Crawford 13% 41Henry Clay 13% 37 12. Four presidents took office without winning the popular vote; elected,instead, by the electoral college or in the case of John QuincyAdams by the House of Representatives after a tie in the electoralvotes. They were: John Quincy Adams who lost by 44,804 votes to Andrew Jackson -1824 Rutherford B. Hayes who lost by 264,292 votes to Samuel J. Tilden -1876 Benjamin Harrison who lost by 95,713 votes to Grover Cleveland -1888 George W. Bush who lost by 543,816 votes to Al Gore - 2000 13. Fast Forward 4 years toelection of 1828 14. 1828 Election Results 15. The Center ofPopulation:Country Moves WEST 16. Rachel JacksonJackson in Mourning Final Divorce Decree for His Wife 17. The New JacksonCoalition3 The Planter Elite in the South3 People on the Frontier3 State Politicians spoils system3 Immigrants in the cities. 18. Jacksons Faithin the Common Man3 Intense distrust of Easternestablishment, monopolies, & specialprivilege.3 His heart & soul was with theplain folk.3 Belief that the common man wascapable of uncommon achievements. 19. The Reign of King Mob 20. Andrew Jackson asPresident 21. Spoils System President Jackson spoiled his friendsand supporters by offering themgovernment jobs. He also listened to close friends, not thecabinet, his kitchen cabinet 22. The Peggy Eaton Affair 23. The Webster-Hayne DebateSen. Daniel Sen. Robert WebsterHayne [MA][SC]Clash over States Rights over Western land sales 24. Abominations andNullification 25. The United States was trying to help its youngfactory system grow.It did so by trying to encourage Americans tobuy stuff made in American factories, notEuropean factories, which are usually cheaper. Where are the factories? 26. How can they get Americansto buy more expensive American manufactured goods? 27. ProtectiveTariffs 28. Protective Tariffs (tax) help American factories bymaking foreign made goods cost more.European ShirtAmerican Shirt$8 + $3(tariff) = $11$10Which shirt would you buy? 29. The southern states hated the protectivetariffs and call it the Tariffs of Abominations.Why?1. The south grew cotton, sent it to Europe, then bought the finished goods from them. The tariffs made them cost more2. Europe might get mad and make its own tariffs. Bad for U.S. businesses.3. The south saw the tariff as an example of growing power ofthe Federal government.Would the Federal government also try to end slaverysoon????????? 30. Most factories are in thenorth, so how didprotective tariffs help the south?They really didnt. 31. NullificationCRISISNullify - to make void, cancel 32. Vice-President Calhoun was from South Carolina. What do you think he thought of the tariffs? 33. V.P. Calhoun said a state should be able tonullify a national law (like the tariff law) by declaring it unconstitutional.The South Carolina legislature liked his idea. A lot of other people didnt, so The U.S. Congress debated the issue for weeks. 34. Should a state be able to ignorea national law if it wants to?What could this mean? 35. What will PresidentJackson do? 36. President Jackson went to a fancy dinner partywith all the other cool Washingtonians.Vice-President Calhoun was also there.Jackson was asked to make a toast. 37. Jackson stood up and said,Our Federal Union: It mustbe preserved!(He is basically telling SouthCarolina to stop whining.) 38. Vice-President Calhoun then stood up. His response toast:The Union, next to our (the states) liberty most dear. (He is basically telling Jackson to ?) 39. In 1832, Congress lowered the tariff,hoping to make South Carolina happy. It didnt work.South Carolina said it would only be happy with a complete repeal of the tariff. 40. Later that year, a convention met inSouth Carolina.The convention:- nullified the Tariff of 1828.- said no Federal Customs could be collected inS.C.- threatened to secede (leave) from the Union ifFederal government tried to collect tariffs. 41. Calhoun thenresigned the vice-presidency tobecome a senatorfrom S.C. 42. Some people called Calhoun theFirst President of the SouthernConfederacy,even though he really wasnt. 43. ...Jackson forces a compromise. He has Congress pass two bills. Bill # 1 gives Jackson Bill #2 lowers thethe power to use amount of the tariff,Federal troops toeven though Southcollect taxes andCarolina already saidduties in Souththey wouldnt payCarolina.anything. 44. It appeared that fighting wasinevitable, but SouthCarolina eventually backeddown. 45. South Carolina didnthave the support of any other southern states.. 46. Everyone breathed a sigh ofrelief.Another crisis wasaverted... 47. ...for a little while.WATCH THE VIDEO FOR TARIFF OF ABOMINATIONS 48. Clip 5 5:50 6 49. Indian Removal3 Jacksons Goal?3 1830 Indian Removal Act3 Cherokee Nation v. GA (1831) * domestic dependent nation3 Worcester v. GA (1832)3 Jackson:John Marshall has made hisdecision, now let him enforceit! 50. The Cherokee Nation After 1820 51. Indian Removal 52. Trail of Tears (1838- 1839) 53. Jacksons ProfessedLove for AmericanIndians 54. Jacksons Use ofFederal PowerVETO1830 Maysville Road project in KY [state of his political rival, Henry Clay] 55. The National BankDebateNicholas President Biddle Jackson 56. Opposition to the 2 ndB.U.S.Soft Hard(paper) $(specie) $3 state bankers felt3 felt that coin wasit restrained their the only safebanks from notes freely.3 didnt like any bank3 supported rapid that issued bankeconomic growth notes.& speculation.3 suspicious ofexpansion &speculation. 57. The Monster IsDestroyed!3 pet banks?3 1832 Jackson vetoed the extension of the 2nd National Bank of the United States.3 1836 the charter expired.3 1841 the bank went bankrupt! 58. The Downfall of Mother Bank 59. An 1832Cartoon : KingAndrew 60. 1832 Election ResultsMain Issue? 61. The Specie Circular (1836)3 wildcat banks.3 buy future federalland only with gold orsilver.3 Jacksons goal? 62. Results of the Specie$ Banknotes Circularlose their value.$ Land sales plummeted.$ Credit not available.$ Businesses began to fail.$ Unemployment rose.The Panic of 1837! 63. The 1836 ElectionResultsMartin Van BurenOld Kinderhook [O. K.] 64. The Panic of 1837Spreads Quickly! 65. Andrew Jackson in Retirement 66. Photo of Andrew Jackson in 1844(one year before his death)1767 - 1845