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  • SimilaritySimilar figures have the same shape but not necessarily the same size.

  • Tests for SimilarityThe measures of their corresponding angles are equal.The lengths of their corresponding sides increase by the same scale factor.

  • Each of the shapes below have five sides and 5 angles, but which shape is similar to Z?Choice OneChoice TwoChoice ThreeAB ZQuestion 1 - Review

  • Triangle RST is an enlargement of triangle WXY. Which answer choice lists a pair of corresponding sides?

    RS and WYRT and XWST and XYST and YWSRTWXYQuestion 2- Review

  • Triangle RST is an enlargement of triangle WXY. Which answer choice lists a pair of corresponding angles?

    and and and andQuestion 3 - Review

  • Question 4 - Reviewa. number of sidesb. shapec. size of anglesd. areaIf two figures are similar, which of the following might be different?

  • Activity 1 The first shape is a self-similar shape and the second is not. What do you think a self-similar shape is?

  • Question 1 Activity 11. Side lengths2. Area of new shapeIs the number of copies of an original shape used to make a new shape related to the side lengths or the area of the new shape?

  • YesNoQuestion 2 Activity 1Quad 1Quad 2Are these two quadrilaterals mathematically similar?

  • Can the larger shape be divided into smaller congruent shapes that are similar to the original?

    YesNoQuestion 3 Activity 1

  • YES

  • Question 1 Activity 21. The angles are different.2. The angles are the same.3. The angles change by 180.What can be said about the angles of similar figures

  • Question 2 Activity 2YesNoDoes the concept of similarity apply to three dimensional shapes?Scale Models

  • Shrinking CupsWhat would happen if you were smaller?

    What challenges would you face if were much smaller, only inches tall?

  • Shrinking CupsWhat challenges would you face if you had to design a cup to drink from if you were only 6-12 inches tall?

    Would we have to consider any aspects other than size?

    Stretching and Shrinking MathScience Innovation Center, 2007