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Terms/Events: Rome


Name________________________________________________________Date________________Period_____________World History~Unit 2: Ancient Rome~

Terms/Events ~Rome~ Definition

The Tiber River

The Etruscans

The Tarquins

The Gauls

The Lays of Ancient Rome

The Latins


The Roman Republic



-Citizen Assembly


The Punic Wars

-1st Punic War-2nd Punic War-3rd Punic War

The Battle of CannaeThe Battle of Zama

The Roman Legion- Gladius-Cohort-Century


The Battle of Pydna

The Battle of Aqua Sextae

Caesars Invasion of Gaul

The Battle of Alesia

Boudiccas Rebellion

The Roman Empire

I have cross the Rubicon

Beware of the Ides of March

Pyrrhric Victory

Pax Romana

Destruction of Jerusalem 70AD

The Siege of Masada

The Great Persecution

The Roman Tetrarchy

Chi Rho


The Visigoths

The Battle of Adrianople

The Dark Ages

Terms Not Included Above:

Rome: People

Aeneas RomulusRemus

Hannibal ScipioThe Gracci

Pyrrhus MariusSulla

Julius Caesar VercingetorixMarc Antony

Cleopatra Octavian Tiberius

Germanicus Caligula Claudius

Nero Hadrian Marcus Aurelius

Jesus Christ DiocletianCommodus

Galerius ConstantineMaxentius

Attila Alaric IValens

Essential Questions

1) Why did people choose to settle in the region of Rome?

2) What various people/tribes made up the Roman people?

3) Explain how Rome developed into a Republic.

4) Explain how a Republic differs from democracy.

5) How did Rome develop into an Empire?

6) What conflict ushered in the Roman Golden Age?

7) Explain how the Roman military was able to dominate Europe.

8) What problems did the Roman Republic have that led to its fall?

9) How/Why did Julius Caesar overthrow the Roman Republic?

10) What form of government did Rome adopt under Octavian?

11) What kinds of political problems emerged during the Pax Romana?

12) How did leaders like Caligula and Nero preclude Romes fall?

13) What were Romes greatest achievements?

14) How did Rome treat early Christians? Why?

15) Explain the basics of Romes economic system. What is barter?

16) What impact did Constantine have on Rome and Western Civilization?

17) Why did Constantine build Constantinople in the East?

18) Why did Rome fall? What did it mean for Western Civilization?

Questions not included above:


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