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Study Guide: Rome Exam--Answers Name: ______________________________________Be able to answer questions on the following material. What is Rome? City What country is Rome in? Italy What continent is Rome in? Europe How is Rome similar to other civilizations we have studied this year? (Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, India) Major River How is Rome similar to Greece? Depend on the Sea What are the two MAIN differences Rome has with all the other civilizations we studied this year? 1. NOT a country 2. Have BOTH river and a sea Be able to identify one Sea that is located by Rome: Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea Be able to identify the major river of Rome: Tiber River What does the country of Italy look like? (Helps us remember where it is) A BOOT Why is Rome considered to have a Perfect Location? 1. Along a river 2. Near a sea 3. hilly to protect from attack The legend of Rome beginning involves what two boys? Romulus and Remus Roman Republic Be able to list the two types of people in the roman republic AND tell me what those two types of people are: Patricians: Rich Plebeians: Common people What are the leaders of the Roman Republic called? Representatives Who controlled the republic? Patricians What did the Tribune do? Protect rights of Plebeians How did the tribune stop the actions of the senate? Yelling VETO!

Wars with Carthage What was the war called between Carthage and Rome? Punic War Who won? Rome What did Julius Caesar do? Improve Rome Emperors of Rome Be able to list one significant thing each of the five Emperors did that we talked about: Caesar Augustus: Centralized government, order and stability, improve economy, began fire/police dept. Pax Romana (Roman Peace) Caligula: Cruel, mentally unstable Claudius: Improved laws, granted citizenship, returned artwork Nero: poisoned step brother, killed wife and mother Marcus Aurilius: lowered taxes, helped poor, founded hospitals, schools, orphanages. Entertainment What would people do for fun in Ancient Rome? --Watch plays, celebrate, and watch sporting events What is the most famous athletic arena in Rome? --Colosseum Who were professional fighters? --Gladiators How did somebody become a gladiator? --slave, criminal, poor What type of Gladiator games were there? (3 types) --man vs. man, man vs. animal, animal vs. animal Christianity ***Study your Christianity Guided Notes!!!! Miscellaneous Why was the pantheon built? --To honor the gods What was the focal point of Ancient Rome? (People went to wash themselves) --Public Bath Name the city covered with ash AND the name of the volcano --Pompeii. Mt. Vesuvius

Why is Pompeii so Important? How was it preserved? Allows us to see what it was like during the Roman Empire. The ash sealed the city like a time capsule, preserving it intact for us to learn from Study the Following Notes: Rome Begins Video Notes Roman Montage Video Notes Daily Life Article (Housing, Education, Entertainment)


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