ancİent olympİcs when were they first held ? 776bc when were they first held ? 1896ad modern...

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ANCENT OLYMPCSWhen were they first held ?776BCWhen were they first held ?1896AD


Ancient olympicsEvery 4 years .Every 4 years .

HOW OFTEN ARE THEY HELD ?Modern olympics

Ancient olympics5 Days.2 Weeks.HOW LONG DO THEY LAST ?Modern olympics

Ancient olympicsOlympia in greeceLondon in 2012WHERE ARE THEY HELD ?Modern olympics

Ancient olympicsTo celebrate the god Zeus.To celebrate the best athletes in the world.WHY ARE THEY HELD ?Modern olympics

Ancient olympicsAllwars must stop during the contestNo olympics held during WWI (1916) and WWII (1940 and 1944 )WHAT ABOUT WARS ?Modern olympics

Ancient olympicsAny man who was citizen in the Greek world .Anyone who qualifies and is acitizenWHAT CAN COMPETE?Modern olympics

ANCEN OLYMPCSThe Heraia olympics for women to the goddes heraThe para olympics for disabled athletes the winter olym pics .WHAT OTHER OLYMPCS ARE HELD?MODERN OLYMPCS

ANCENT OLYMPCSAny man who was a citizen inthe Greek world.Anyone.WHO CAN BE A SPECTATOR?MODERN OLYMPCS

ANCENT OLYMPCSSpcial buildings were built.The arena was one stadion i.e. 190m long.Special stadiums are builtWHATS THE SPORTNG ARENA LKE ?MODERN OLYMPCS

ANCENT OLYMPCS Athletes were naked. They rubbedoll anto their bodies.Sports kit.WHAT DO THE ATHLETES WEAR ?MODERN OLYMPCS

ANCENT OLYMPCSRunning wrestling pentathlon chariot and horse racing.400 events covering 26 sportsHOW MANY SPORTS ARE THERE?MODERN OLYMPCS

ANCENT OLYMPCSIn the relay race flaming torches were passed from one runner to the next.The last runner of the winning team lit a fire on an altar.Runners take the flaming torch from where the olympics were last held to the new stadium. The olympic flame is lit in the opening ceremony.HOW ARE TORCHES PART OF THE EVENTS ?MODERN OLYMPCS

ANCENT OLYMPCSThe winner received a laurel wreath crown.Gold.silver and bronze medals.WHAT PRZES ARE THERE ?MODERN OLYMPCS


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