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  • 1.Ancient Egyptian Architecture by James Munroe

Pyramids were made to remember the pharos. There are 8 pyramids in Egypt that are called the step pyramid of Djoser that is made by king Djoser, the great pyramid that is the largest and madeking Khufu, the bent pyramid made by king Snefru, the red pyramid which is the first true pyramid which means its flat on every side) made by king Snefru as well, the pyramid of khafre which means the home of the sphinx made by obviously king khafre,
Some of the kings made ( and by the way by the kings madeI mean his slaves and workers made) big holes in the ground beside the pyramid for the kings boats so they can sail across the sky.
4. Pyramids (continue)
The pyramid of Menkaure which is the last of the great pyramids, and lastbut not least theMaidum pyramid made by kingSnefru. Giza is the city where most of the pyramids where built. Almost all of the pyramids had a room were pharaoh layed.The pyramids where puttogether with big blocksthat were made from
dried mud and straw
5. Pyramids ( continues)
was also put together from cut limestone to make it flat besides the Step pyramid. Then it would be scrubbed and polished with rocks and water. After that it would be painted so thats the steps to make your own pyramid.
6. 7. sphinx
The most famous sphinxin Egypt is the quite large Giza sphinx the sphinx was built by king Khafre. The sphinx has a lions.
8. Sphinx (cont)
The sphinx is more a statue then a building but it is the same size if not bigger then most of the buildings in Egypt. The sphinx has a legend, the legend is if you want to pass you most answer a riddle and if you fail you will get eaten by the sphinx. The riddle is what has the same voice and yet starts with 4 legs, then 2 legs, and ends with 3. the answer a man, he starts at a baby that crawls, then goes to a man on 2 legs, then an old man the uses a cane.
9. House
Ancient Egyptian houses were made out of sun dried bricks made from straw and mud to make the bricks the people would make a square or rectangle molding for the mud and straw to harden. A anicent egyptian home was huge. They had flat roofs, the people would usually turing the evening would set on the roofs so they can wacth the sunset and the evenig breeze.
The Valley Of The kings was an under ground building where the pharaohs had their tombs. Some of the kings that have their tombs in the valley of the kings are king TUT a.k.a king Tutankhamenand king Ramesses the great.
The Valley Of The Kings is also is were thepharaohs kept there clothes, jewelry, gold, and perishes items. The Valley is very guarded.The tomb was the gate way to the 2nd world according to myth.
Mummification was a way to preserve the body. The coffin was usuallymade of solid gold.
I liked researching ancient Egyptian architecture because it was fun finding out interesting facts that I did not know about. For example I didnt know that the Sphinx has a riddle to pass it. I think that most of ancient Egyptian architecture is pretty cool because it was made out of dry mud and straw. I also think it would be pretty cool to live in ancient Egypt for a while because it was sunny all the time, you could make your own house out of mud and, you buy everything with grain, but eventually I would miss in door plumbing, TV, air conditioning, and my XBOX 360.