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Ancient Egypt Social Pyramid. Government Officials. Vizier served as chief judge Chief treasurer collected taxes (goods rather than money) General of armies advised the pharaoh on war Government officials lived a life of luxury. Priests. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ancient Egypt Social Pyramid

  • Government OfficialsVizier served as chief judgeChief treasurer collected taxes (goods rather than money)General of armies advised the pharaoh on warGovernment officials lived a life of luxury

  • PriestsPriests followed many rules such as bathing many times a dayPriests had different jobs such as advising the pharaoh and supervising ceremoniesPriests supervised the important burial rituals including embalming dead bodiesWomen could be priestesses and were considered equal to men

  • ScribesBecoming a scribe was one way men could rise in social classScribe school 12 yrs or moreLife in scribe school difficultScribes used reed pens, papyrus paper, writing tablets and ink wells

  • ArtisansArtisans were carpenters, jewelers, leather and metal workers, painters, sculptors, potters, weaversSometimes difficult workArtisans led simple livesArtisans rarely received recognition for work

  • PeasantsPeasant life revolved around 3 seasons: flooding, planting and harvestPeasants often sang songs in fieldsPeasants life very simpleDuring harvest, could keep some grain, but could also be beaten for poor harvest


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