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Ancient Egypt Customs & Cultures. By: Chelsey Curry Kennedy Curry. Customs. Mummification Hieroglyphs The Pharaoh. Mummification. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Ancient EgyptCustoms & CulturesBy:Chelsey CurryKennedy Curry

  • CustomsMummification


    The Pharaoh

  • MummificationOver many centuries the ancient Egyptians developed a way of preserving the bodies so they would remain like-like. The process included embalming the bodies and wrapping them in strips of linen. Today, we call this process mummification.

  • HieroglyphsThe Ancient Egyptians writing system was believed to be made up of more than 2,000 hieroglyphic characters. Each individual character stood for one object or letter.

  • The PharaohThe ancient Egyptian Pharaoh was believed to have received his authorities from the gods. He was not only the political leader of Egypt but the religious leader as well.

  • CulturesThe Soul

    Indoor Games

    Love and Marriage

  • The SoulThe Ancient Egyptians believed that the soul was made up of three parts, the Ba,Ka, and the Ahk. They also believed that the soul needed all three parts to survive and if one died, so did the rest.

  • Indoor GamesEgyptian had a love of games. One of the most popular indoor games was a board game known as Senet. The board had three rows of ten squares. Out of the two players each usually had seven pieces.

  • Love and MarriageLove was an important part of marriage in Ancient Egypt. The pharaoh could have 7 wives but only one was custom to them all, she could buy and sell goods, own property, and had many more rights than women use to have.

  • The Great SphinxThere are many sphinx in ancient Egypt but the most famous is the Great Sphinx. A sphinx is a mythical creature with a body of a lion and head of a pharaoh. The Great Sphinx guards King Khufus pyramid at Giza, Cairo.

  • Pharaohs TombA tomb was believed to be a burial place for pharaohs and queens. These tombs sometimes had some belongings of the one placed there. The walls of a tomb were sometimes decorated with hieroglyphics and other drawings.

  • Khufu PyramidThe Khufu Pyramid is also known as the Great Pyramid. It is one of the largest human-made structures in the world. The Khufu Pyramid at Giza, Cairo is 481 feet in height. It was constructed of more than 2 million stone blocks, which they made their own tools to lift them.

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