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<ul><li> 1. The Qin Dynasty</li></ul> <p> 2. Dynasty SongSo far - Shang and Zhou DynastiesNow looking at Qin DynastyPlus moreHow to memorise the order of the major Chinesedynasties 3. Other ways Qin ()is written Qin Chin Chiin The name China comes from Qin 4. The First Emperor Born as Ying Zheng in 259 BCE Unified warring states Declared himself Qin ShiHuangdai Shi Huangdai meansThe First Emperor of China Cruel ruler Died 210BCE Length of dynasty short Qin dynasty ended 206BCE Han Dynasty next 5. Achievements - Standardization Money Weights and Measures Writing Irrigation Roads This made trading easier 6. Legalism 7. Legalism Originated in Zhou dynasty State over the individual Qin Shi Huangdai rejected Confucianism (ruleby wisdom and virtue ) in favour of Legalism(rule by law) Legalism believed that people were wicked Strict laws to control behaviour Reward/punishment 8. Video First Emperor of China - National Geographic 9. Source What was Emperor Qin like? The King of Qin was born with a prominentnose, elongated eyes, the breast of a bird ofprey, and the voice of a jackal: he seldomextends favour, and has the heart of a tiger orwolf. Once he really has his way in the world,he will hold the whole world captive. He isruler without benevolence or respect forlearning.(Sima Qian, Grand Historian, 221 B.C.) 10. The GreatWall of China 11. Difficulties in the Growing Empire Communication Protection 12. Source Analysis Large-scale public construction projects weremade possible by the unification of thecountry, when territorial conflicts no longerexisted. The Great Wall is a case in point, ShiHuang did not build it from scratch; the wallhad already existed in various former states.Shi Huang had only to link it into a 4,000-milewall.(Yong Ho, historian, 2000) 13. Protest song lyrics from the third century BCE (English translationby Anne Birrell in New Songs for a Jade Terrace, 1982).I water my horse at a Long Wall hole,The waters chill hurt my horses bones.I go and tell the Long Wall officer,Mind you dont keep us Taiyuan men for good!Corve has a set time to run!Swing your sledge! Lend your voice!We men would rather die fighting!Why are we bored to death building the Long Wall?Dead mens skeletons prop each other up? 14. Source C. Extract from the website of TravelChinaGuide, thelargest online tour company in China, 2013.In the year 221 BC, Emperor Qin Shihuang defeated all hisenemies and unified China for the first time in its history. Duringhis reign, the Huns from the north were a constant threat, oftencoming down to the Yellow River Basin and taking land frompeople in the Hetao Area, located at the top of the Great Bend ofthe Yellow River. To protect his people and safeguard his politicalpower, the Emperor ordered General Meng Tian, commanding300,000 soldiers, to defeat the enemy force. To prevent furtherattacks by the Huns, he decided to consolidate and extend theGreat Wall of China. 15. Wall Built During the Warring StatesPeriod (website of TravelChinaGuide) 16. The First EmperorsMauseleum 17. End of the Qin Dynasty Qin Shi Haungdai died in 210BCE His son was a weak ruler End of the Qin Dynasty in 206BCE Han Dynasty was established </p>