Anatomy of a Tasmanian Devil - How to build a successful career

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Presentation given on March 12th 2009, at the Business Expedition workshop series organized by BOS Romania. Presentation transcript: Slide 1 - intro Slide 2: The nice people putting this event together probably told you that Im supposed to show you the path to success. You be the judge of wether or not Im in the position to do that. Slide 3: I am here to tell you about 5 quick ways to make a fortune, be sensationally notorious, admired, envyied, desired and head-hunted. And here they are: Always obey! Good things come to those who wait Accomplishments are 80% chance All you need is a great idea You have plenty of time Slide 4: Soooooooooooo, very, very, very wrong! Slide 5: If thats what youre expecting, you will be disappointed. I dont have the answers and I dont have a recipe for success. Im just a YUPPIE who found her way earlier than most and arrived at the party ahead of schedule. The best I can do is share with you a few thoughts and action patterns that have gotten me to a point that most people would say is above average. Slide 6: So heres the real side of things: First rule is: there are no rules! Theres only common sense. You cant plan you career 5 years in advance. It IS ok to jump jobs as long as you have a good reason. Dont do the right thing. Do the things you know are right! Question everything, question this presentation, question everyone, above all question yourself. Constantly. (find your strengths and work them but dont become contempt, dont settle.) Work like youre going to live forever nd live like youre going to die tomorrow. Slide 7: It all comes down to ATTITUDE (there are enough wasted talents out there and enough wasted workoholics. Dont become either) Slide 8: It all comes down to PASSION (if you dont love it, youll never be brilliant at it) Slide 9: It all comes down to PERSISTANCE (bush fires burn fast) Slide 10: We are all kids playing a big boys game. And we should never let that change, no matter how old or how big we get. Fact of the matter is, you shouldnt do it like I did. Do it better! Slide 11 - self explanatory Slide 12: I notice none of you have asked why a tasmanian devil of all creatures although I know its been a bit puzzleing to see Taz in the context of a Business Expedition presentation. Its really very simple and personal: my Managing Partners at Futurelab came up with the nickname for me when we got to know each other better. I loved it so we decided to make it official. Call me Taz :) Slide 13 - self explanatory


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