Anatomy of a Successful Project

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How to ensure that your technology projects are successful.


  • 1. Anatomy of a successful project
    or How to shoot a basketball

2. It all starts with preparation
3. You need a firm foundation
Answer the question Does it make sense to invest?
Commit Resources
Define a clear route to success
Key to Success: A business vision goes a long way to making a technology business case
Bend your legs and square your body to the basket
4. Form is everything
Create a plan
Execute the plan
Use the Plan!
Key to Success: A plan is a tool to get you to done.Does yours help or hinder?
Elbow bent and parallel with your body
5. Always keep track of the goal
Team members always have their sites on the same unified goal
The goal should be clearly marked and if someone is shooting at the sidelines it should be obvious
Key to success: The goal of your project should be so clear that any team member can repeat it back to you in their own words.
Move your arm up while extending your elbow
6. Follow through
Manage the Investment
Hold the project team accountable
Key to success: A project sponsor should dedicate 10 hours a week to a project at a MINIMUM.
Reach into the cookie jar on the top shelf
7. Anticipate the hurdles and alter your shot
Resource Conflicts
Scope Creep
Budget Mgmt
Project Expectations
Key to Success: Make good trade-offs.Something will have to be sacrificed to finish the project, make sure its the right thing.
There will always be a great defender waiting to block your shot, dont be afraid to alter it on the way up
8. Stakes are high!
We make limited significant investments - make every shot count
We need your best performers on the team
Backfill for them
Technology projects can be your agent of change
If and only if you choose to use it
Key to success: Assume your people will be engaged on a project twice as long as you originally expected.