Anatomy of a Successful App Install Ad

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Post on 10-Apr-2017




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Come up with a simple headline and body text Keep the space clear and do not write too much text Express your value proposition A simple element that adds direction to the ad can lead the eye towards your call-to-action If your logo does not show your apps name, make sure to include it in the add description A button, arrow or a different element that should be on the bottom or on the right-hand side of the banner A more passive call-to-action can yield a higher click-through rate Give examples of actions like Install, Download, Play, Listen, Learn, Shop, Sign Up, Watch Include the main benefits of your app. E.g. if the USP is that the app is free Add an App Store/Google Play badge showing that your app is available on the given store Choose compelling images that fascinate and grab attention Do not make the image text-heavy but keep in mind that you can have text on it Showcase your app. Dont use stock images. Depending on your apps function, use screenshots of your app or images that convey user benefits Do not tell the whole story, leave people wanting more Make them feel a sense of mystery so that they are willing to click through to the ad Subtle colours and pastel tones might be among your brand colours but giving your ad vibrance can impact your click-through rate in a positive way Choose a light but vivid shade for the background -white is a safe choice, no dark colours like black Use contrasting colours If you have a subtle colourway, try adding a brighter accent colour on your call-to-action or background Make sure that your ad has a focal point for the eye Combine text, graphic elements and branding into one concept Include your apps logo to increase brand awareness and drive organic traffic later Ensure that you look professional and trustworthy to build trust Use humour, sarcasm or other methods to generate an emotional connection this will make the user remember your ad Use social proof it is the key to persuading in mobile advertising Share your star ratings and reviews, especially if your rating is above 3.5 Share your app store rating even on a static banner where its not pulled automatically from the app store Include quotes from your reviews to build 3rd party credibility Think of your banner ads as the native ads that appear on social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, TumblrAd messaging is a vital part of your app marketing strategy, but if you want to have a consolidated 360 strategy you need more than that.Check out our insights to find out