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Analytical Writing ISSUE. John Chu. GMAT ISSUE. 350 - 550. 10 - 15. 5 – 67%. E-rater. 背诵经典 New Concept English 4. Culture and Society Patterns of Culture The Sporting Spirit Adolescent. 5. Human Being and Individual How to Grow Old Hobbies The Progress of Ageing - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



AnalyticalWritingISSUEJohn ChuLOGOGMAT ISSUE350 - 5505 67%10 - 15E-rater New Concept English 4Culture and SocietyPatterns of CultureThe Sporting SpiritAdolescent2. Knowledge and TechnologySilicon ValleyThe Modern CitySecret in IndustryKnowledge and Progress3. Government and EconomyTrading StandardThe Cost of Government5. Human Being and IndividualHow to Grow OldHobbiesThe Progress of AgeingOf Men and GalaxiesPatients and Doctors6. HistoryRoyal EspionageGalileo Reborn4. EducationEducationYouth7. Art The Sculptor SpeaksBeautyWhat Every Writer Wants313. Responsibility for preserving the natural environment ultimately belongs to each individual, not to government.47. The primary responsibility for preventing environmental damage belongs to government, not to individuals or private industry.43. The most important reason for studying history is not that knowledge of history can make us better people or a better society but that it can provide clues to solving the societal problems that we face today.89. The study of history is largely a waste of time because it prevents us from focusing on the challenges of the present.110. The most effective business leaders are those who maintain the highest ethical standards.124. The most effective leaders are those who can solve complex problems by finding simple immediate solutions.ISSUE Agree


Agree with concession

Disagree with concession

Eclectic (ISSUE Eclectic (The function of science is to reassure; The purpose of art is to upset. Herein lies the value of each one.ISSUE

ISSUE 1.+The overall quality of life in most societies has never been better than at the present time because of recent advancements in such areas as business and technology.ISSUE 1.+The stated opinion is that recent advancements in business and technology have made overall quality of life better than ever. I disagree somewhat with the speakers viewpoint. For although such advancements have improved our lives in many respects, they have also diminished our quality of life in other ways.ISSUE 1.+The


asserts/ claimsadvocates/ suggestsprefers/ maintainsthat

ISSUE 1.+In my opinionIn my point of view,


am inclined to support the idea thattend to agree thatam in favor of take for granted that

One does not have to go very far to see the truth of this statement. 13ISSUE 1.+In my point of view, however, I disagree with the speak on the ground that At first glance, this opinion/ belief seems to be somewhat appealing/ convincing. But further reflection tells Contrary to the speakers statement, my view is thatISSUE 2.+When someone achieves greatness in any field such as the arts, science, politics, or business that persons achievements are more important than any of his or her personal faults.ISSUE 2.+Perhaps in some instances the personal failings of great achievers are unimportant compared with the achievements. In many cases, however, the relative significance of personal failings can be very great, depending on two factors: the extent to which the failing is part of the achievement process itself, and the societal impact of the achievers failing apart from his or her own success.ISSUE 2.+I agree with the speakersauthorsassertionclaimthat However, thespeakerauthorunnecessarily unjustifiably ISSUE 2.+Under some circumstances, it may be true that However The arguer seems to suggest that Although many people may embrace this idea wholeheartedly, I have my reservation.The authors belief/ conclusion/ assertion seems to hold itself at first glance. However, it fails to take into consideration some important factors/ circumstances/ cases.ISSUE 3.+Education has become the main provider of individual opportunity in our society. Just as property and money once were the keys to success, education has now become the element that most ensures success in life.

ISSUE 3.+Which factor offers more opportunities for success in our society: education or money and property? In my view, education has replaced money and property as the main provider of such opportunities today. I base my view on two reasons.ISSUE 3.+Have/ Has, Do/ Does, Should, Whether, WhyShould the only responsibility of a business executive be to maximize business profits, within the bounds of the law? In several aspects this position has considerable merit; yet it ignores certain compelling arguments for imposing on additional business obligations to the society in which they operate.ISSUE 1.should, must, it is necessary/ advisable, for the purpose It is often necessary, even desirable, for political leaders to withhold information from the public.ISSUE 1.

ISSUE 1.Society should identify those children who have special talents and abilities and begin training them at an early age so that they can eventually excel in their areas of ability. Otherwise, these talents are likely to remain undeveloped.ISSUE 1. IQEQ

ISSUE 2.because, as a result, therefore, thus, consequently, lead toLying should be avoided primarily because it harms peoples ability to live together in society.

ISSUE 3.In order to understand a society, we must examine the contents of its museums and the subjects of its memorial. What a society chooses to preserve, display, and commemorate is the truest indicator of what the society values.

ISSUE 4.In this age of automation, many people complain that humans are becoming subservient to machines. But, in fact, machines are continually improving our lives. ISSUE 1.A >B, A