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Poster Analysis

The man is topless: This signifies the mans strength and his masculinity.Style of font: The style of font on this cover is very unique. This is because it is shown to be very unique by the way there are spaces between the letters and the way it looks. How the woman is placed: The way they have positioned the woman looks like they are trying to get a point across. This point is that men are much superior to the woman. This is because of how the man is standing tall and the woman is bending down touching his shoes.The setting: The background in this image shows that the woman and the man are in some kind of desert. I think they have chosen this background because it has some relevance with the mans shoes the woman is touching because the colour that they represent.

In this image all the men that are around the woman have there hands on her. This shows that the product there are selling is for women.The colour of the product: The colour of the fragrance also shows that this is more appealing to the female sex.The woman's face shows calmness and relaxation. The message would be if you would spray this fragrance then you would be as confident and calm as her. Under the brand It says crystal noir` which is a is a rare essence, sensual and delicate. They have added this to make the product more expensive and more catching to the eye.

The gold writing makes the title stand out even clearer. Also the unforgivable` that stands out in the image is showing that I you do not need to be forgave after you buy it because it smells so nice.They are all wearing black in this image, black shows mystery, this is also the colour of the fragrance so it has a lot of relevance why they are dressed like this.There is a signature on the image in white which shows that someone famous is modelling in the image who would be the man. This would make it stand out to the public more because if someone they like looks like they have it, it immediately wants you to have it.