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1. Just Like A Pill Pink The video focuses on the social issue ofdrugs. How the drugs the drugs affect her andshows the audience what taking drugscan do to you. 2. She is in black which connotes something evil this could represent that thedrugs are evil. She says I think I took too much this shows the audiencewhat an addiction does to you, she doesnt know when to stop. Thisencourages the audience to want to help those with a drug addiction needsto stop. Her hand is on her hurt which could suggest she is in pain. 3. The camera moves around and itrepresents what a person can see whenthey are under the influence of drugs. Itmoves fast which could show he trill thatdrug addicts get. It almost replicates the effect of drugaddicts hallucinating. 4. In this shot she has her hands on her head perhapsthis could be the after effect of the drugs. The factshe is looking down could show that she is ashamedof what she has done. It makes the audience feelsympathy for her. 5. The fact she is in a room surrounded by rabbits could show she ishallucinating. 6. Here she looks helpless. The other character is standing aboveher and shows that they have more power than her they are holinga sword and look as if they are about to kill her. That othercharacter could represent the drugs. 7. The fact she is running could suggest that she is trying to getaway and that she doesnt want to take drugs anymore shewants to become clean.