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Analysis of magazine front covers, contents pages and double page spreads


  • 1. Analysing Magazines

2. Colour scheme is black, white and red which are royal colours which can be suggesting that he is the King of rock. He has long hair which is a symbol of rock because many rock stars have long hair. The fact he has no shirt on suggests that hes coming clean and opening up so we can know and find out more about him. The name of the band goes across the front of the image showing that this needs to stand out more than the image because it is important to show clearly who they are and that the name is more important than the image. Since MOJO is a really well known rock magazine it doesnt matter that the image is over the top because people will know the magazine well enough to not need the title which makes it such a good magazine. The magazine is giving away a free CD and its in a Union Jack showing a sign of patriotisms towards the country and since the CD is called Made in Britain it links with the Union Jack. Also the Red and White colour scheme is very similar to union jack so it all links in. Only two pictures on the cover because the picture of Aerosmith is the most important story and the Artic Monkeys are the other important story because of their come back so any other story in the magazine isnt as a relevant as these two bands. 3. White and Black text colour because it needs to be seen on the bright red hair and the text shouldnt take away from the main image and because its a very bright colour black and white are good colours to use to keep it simple. Also all the text is in white apart from her name to make it stand out over any of the other text so people will see that and know who she is instantly if they dont know her by face. The shot of Florence is a close up so it focuses in on her specifically so there is nothing else in the background just her and because of her hair she will stand out and make the magazine stand out. Also since this is a special edition cover the shot would be close up to show that they are special editions. Florence is wearing a white top to match with the colour scheme of the Font and the magazine making it consistent throughout and making it look professional with minimal colour then her bright hair just stands out. The facial expression of the artist suggests she has power and control to say that she is a powerful artist as a woman. There isnt much text on the front cover its very minimal so it doesnt take away the attention from the front image and they are away from her face and round the edge instead of crossing over it so it doesnt disrupt the image. 4. The colour scheme is Red Black and White which is typical rock scheme because red suggest royalty and black suggests darkness and being rebellious. There is a white background so its only the group in shot, also the white background allows for clear text and stands out as well so the magazine is clear to read. There is a quote over the band because that is a very important thing which is what the article is mainly about which is them coming back so people will see that and want to read it since its a big story and fans will want to read about it. The Collectors special is highlighted by a yellow banner in the background so it stands out because even though its small the yellow catches your eye and its completely opposite colour to the colour scheme of red and black making it stand out more and because its exclusive to this magazine people will want to read especially people who are big fans of Fleetwood Mac so they can see the photos and read the stories. All the extra stories are at the bottom is a film strip sort of way with two of the stories in black text but the middle one in red because it has the word murderer in it and murderer usually links to blood which is red so it has a theme but also stands out as one of the most interesting stories out of the three because its something you never usually see in a music magazine so they will notice it and want to read it. 5. Contents Pages 6. Consistent colour scheme throughout with the Red and White the same as the front covers. This is so the magazine can be recognised by the colour scheme because it will be consistent through all the magazines. All the stories and pages are down the side with small descriptions about what the story is about so the reader can see what stories would appeal to them and read them. Also there are a few pictures to show what will be on the certain pages instead of text so it makes it more interesting to look at than just having text. Most the important text is in black so it stands out because the main titles of the pages are in black and they are bigger so it can be seen. The lines underneath are in red to separate them from the smaller text underneath and to keep the colour scheme consistent throughout. All the images are medium shots so you can see what is going on in the picture and so you can see the background so you can understand the images, for example the bottom picture is obviously abroad so it will have something to do with that. 7. Red and black colour scheme like many other rock magazines because of the red and black meaning rebelling and rocking out. It is continuous through the magazine and the text is mainly black but the title and the background of the most important things are red so they stand out as the most important. Has a mini story in the middle to give a taster or a letter from the writer to talk about an email from a fan so it links to the reader directly instead of just being about celebrities they are relating to the readers to keep them interested in the magazine. Theres an advert down at the bottom but only one because not many people take notice of the contents page because many people just flick through the magazine so most of the adverts will be in the pages of the magazine but since this one is to do with subscribing to the magazine it will be first so people can subscribe to it and get it regularly if they enjoy it. Date of the week the magazine is issued at the top so people can keep track of what date theyre are reading so they can find particular issues on specific dates or so they are reading the most recent issue. Has a selling point of saying the UKs best gig guide so people who go to gigs will see this and read it so they can find out the best gigs since the magazine has the best gig guide in the UK. 8. This contents page is very similar to the first one since its from the same magazine but it doesnt have as many images, the big image is of a band that is one of the main images and is telling the readers what page they will be on so they can see what they look like from the picture of the contents. This contents page has the features which are specific to this magazine and then underneath it has the subscriptions and crossword puzzle that are in the magazine every month. The Contents and Review is written in bold to show they are the titles of the page so you can see them before any of the other text so you know what the page is and what the text underneath it will be. Has reviews of certain CDs and music artists and what pages theyre on so it is separate from the other stories in the magazine making it easier for the reader to see where they are instead of the features and reviews being together. The image of the band is a long shot so you can see theyre clothes and some of the background so it is different to the shots on the front of the magazine so it differentiates throughout the magazine so theyre not all medium shots or close ups. 9. Double Page Spreads 10. Image of Aerosmith takes up most of the left hand side and they text is written around it so it follows the line of the image to save space and to make it look more compact instead of moving things so it can be a block of text and also there is a quote from him at the bottom between him legs where there is space so they are trying to fill it as much as possible so they dont leave loads of gaps. Theres no background for the image of him so they can write text on it easily and it all be the same colour. However quotes are red so they stand out as a different type of text and they are bigger because they are more important and so if people flick through they will see them first then read the text. Full body shot of Aerosmith so readers can see what hes wearing because it links to the stereotypical look of a rock star. Many of the other images are in black and white maybe because of the time zone of the pictures or for effect. One of the images has a black box round it and for the background of the text showing that its talking about something separate to the other text and it is to do with this specific image so readers dont get confused and the text is white and has a yellow title to show its completely separated. 11. Title is ironic because its big and bold its attention seeking and in the title its attention seeking so its eye catching so people will see it and want to read it. Has the same colour theme as what Lily Allen is wearing because she is wearing a tartan black and red shirt and her hair and make up is dark it matches the text which is black white and red so it is consistent and shows that the text links to the person that they are talking about. The celebrity takes up most of the right page a long with the title taking up three quarters of the left page with little text underneath so it shows the importance of each thing the text isnt that important but the image and the title are most important to get people to read it. The colours and clothes she is wearing suggests the sort of music she makes and likes since it is sort of Rock and Pop but she is also sort of Emo so the style she wears suggests this because of the black hair and the colour scheme of black and red. 12. The band take up most of the double page spread with little writing showing that the image is most important thing on the page. The bright yellow suggest that the information is being expose