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  1. 1. ADVERTISEMENTOscar Burch
  2. 2. IRN-BRUOriginal AndBest Claiming aOrange and blue title making youare complimentary think its amazingcolours and the and that youcontrast makeswant it.them stand out.Orange andThe whiteblue arereally standsassociated with out on theIrn Bru blue becauseof the blackoutlines onthe letters.
  3. 3. 7UPDirectly in thecentre, first thingyou look at soyou know whatContrast of the its about.greens makethem work wellSkateboardertogether. implying it givesyou energy to dosports.
  4. 4. FANTASmallerbottle soyou dontOrange colourforget and is like anareexplosion ofcontinuously flavour as if itsreminded.come from the bottle.Monkey with aradio giving it aAnd the blue andhumorous side. Orange are The drink floatingcomplimentary giving it a sort of colours and make godly appearance. it stand out a lot.