analogical reasoning in law, psychology, markets and ai

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  • 1.Why I Am Interested in(Obsessed with) AnalogyDaniel Martin KatzUniversity of Michigan - Ann Arbor

2. Analogy 3. Deep End of Human Reasoning? 4. What Makesan AnalogyConvincing? 5. Analogical Reasoning 6. Law 7. Thinking Like aLawyer 8. Psychology 9. The AvailabilityHeuristic(Related but not exactly on point) 10. Markets 11. Emerging VentureTechnologyCapitalPricingArbitrageModelDetection 12. Emerging VentureTechnologyCapital AnalogyPricingArbitrageModelDetection 13. The Science of Similarity 14. and of course 15. The Curse of Dimensionality 16. TheRevolutioninSoftArticialIntelligence 17. 1. Feature Extraction2. Feature Selection3. Comparison4. Clustering5. Classication6. ???ComputerForensicsThe ??? means: Which features to extract Which similarity measure to use Which classication algorithmDrawn from Jesse Kornblum 18. My hope is that the AI Revolution will allow us to better understandanalogical reasoning as it is a critical for a large number questions wecare about .....


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