ANAEROBIC DIGESTION 1985 - developments in biogas technology in the Philippines 96 ... Analysis on economic feasibility for biogas ... Anaerobic digestion of piggery manure with ...

Download ANAEROBIC DIGESTION 1985 -   developments in biogas technology in the Philippines 96 ... Analysis on economic feasibility for biogas ... Anaerobic digestion of piggery manure with ...

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    Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium

    on Anaerobic Digestion held in Guangzhou, China on

    11-15 November, 1985



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    reproduced , stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted,

    in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photo-

    copying, recording pr otherwise, without the prior permis-

    sion of the editor China State Biogas Association.




    An outline on the biogas development in ChinaCui Xuan, Xie Zhiheng 3

    Success or failure of. biogas plants in Europe. The paradoxof a mature technologyE.J. Nyns 15

    Experiences with rural biodigesters in Latin AmericaR. Caceres , B. Chiliquinga 31

    Biogas developments in North AmericaF.G- Poland and S.R. Harper 41

    Biogas in South AmericaNormando A. Silva 83


    Planning and building in the third world by using alternative

    technologies, including biogas-units 95

    Recent developments in biogas technology in the Philippines 96

    Village biogas installation in Nepal that keeps working 97


    Solid fermentation for waste treatment, a global comparisonof batch anaerobic digestion of solid wastesDonald L. Wise, Alfred P. Leuschner, and Raiph L. Wentworth


    A study on biogas solid fermentation in rural areaZou Yuanliang, Zhao Zhengju , 109

    Pilot studies on two-phase methane fermentation pig manureat ambient temperatureXu Jiequan, Liao Ducqun, Shao Qiyu, Yang Chixifu 125

  • Economics of converting wheat straw and corn stover withmanure t o methaneA.G. Hashimoto, S.A. Robinson, Y.R. Cben 135

    Methane fermentation of agro-wastes and grassesSusumi Oi, Gaysorn DhavLses, Permpong Sriprasertsak,Toshio Tanaka and Makoto Taniguchi 145

    Danish biogas production from animal manureP. Keller 159

    The demonstration of Sino-Federal German anaerobic digestiontechnology i n BeijingWang Mengjie, U. Lol l 165

    Analysis on economic f e a s i b i l i t y for biogas construction inChinaHuang Zhij ie 179

    The effect of operat ional parameters on biogas production and'a comparison of the dynamics of th ree reactors designsMamie M. Lau-Wang 191


    Studies on the requirements of dry fermentation with agr icu l -t u r a l wastes 209

    Studies on t h e combination of biogas dry and conventionalfermentation 210

    A research on biogas dry fermentation with low s t a r t i n g con-centration 211

    The study and application of dry fermentation of live-stockwaste and cornstalks: the bench scale experiment 212

    Semi-dry methane fermentation of tropical fruit processingwastes 213

    High rate anaerobic digestion of solid wastes and energycrops 214

    Anaerobic digestion of solid wastes and waste-waters fromagricultural industries 215

  • on starting technology of biogas fermentation by stalks 217

    Two phase anaerobic fermentation of plant materials for produc-tion of, biogas 218

    Anaerobic digestion of grain dust in laboratory stirred tankand plug flow digesters 219

    Two stage anaerobic digestion of solid pineapple waste 220

    Polyurethane foam anaerobic reactors in the treatment of bananastem juice 221

    Anaerobic digestion of fruit and vegetable wastes 222

    The C:N ratio and methane production of coffee pulp 223

    Study on technology of anaerobic digestion for water hyacinth 224

    Thermophilic and nesophilic methane production from the alga

    Spirulina maxima 225

    The role of anaerobic digestion in the production of biogasf ran seaweed 226

    Studies of methane fermentation using cow manure in the2 x 35 m3 biogas digester adopted for stock farm 227

    A comparative study of biogas fermentation of the cow, pig

    and hen feces 228

    Anaerobic fermentation of cow dung biodegradability studies 229

    Biogas production from the liquid fraction of dairy manure 230

    Acetate production and utilization in Indian cattle waste

    digesters 232Studies of biogas fermentation with pig dung and corn stock as

    raw materialI. Relationship of fermentaticn and carbon-nitrogen ratio 233

    Studies of biogas fermentation with pig dung and corn stockas raw materialn . Relationship of fermentation and pH value 234

  • Anaerobic digestion for swine waster treatment adaptation andapplication in Mexico 235

    Anaerobic digestion of piggery manure with polyurethane foamas colonization matrix 236

    Biogas production fran swine manure: three different experi-ences in nearby Bologna 237

    Ultraf i l t rat ion and reverse osmosis treatment of feedlotdigester effluents 238

    Anaerobic digestion and methane production of fresh and storedliquid manure 239

    Anaerobic digestion of sane organic wastes reaction kineticsand effect of temperature 240

    Studies on the fermentation technique of full charging withtwo different rat ios of raw materials and i t s application 241

    Fermentative technology research for increasing gas productionrate in rural small digester 242

    Studies on increasing biogas production ra te of biogas digesterin rural areas 243

    The technique research of rural household biogas digester con-r

    struction 244

    Biogas plants in India: an evaluation 245

    The design and t e s t results of two stage anaerobic digestion

    process in rural areas of China 246

    Thin arched biogas generator with/floating holder 247

    Characteristics of a multipurpose methane generator 248

    A novel digester appropriate for rural areas 249

    A study of auto-flew-outlet apparatus of digester in plainregion 250

  • Research on siphoning effluent out of rural biogas digester 251

    The ut i l izat ion of red mud plastics in biogas technique 252

    The using of the red mud plast ics in biogas project 253

    The emulsified polychloroprene rubber-base coating as sealing

    paint 254

    Study on polymer seal paint of concrete biogas digester 255


    Status quo and prospects on the study of anaerobic disposalfor indus t r ia l wastewater i n ChinaWang Zuxuan, Chen Zepeng, Qian Zeshu 259

    Anaerobic wastewater treatment based on biomass retentionwith emphasis on the UASB-proosssGatze Lettinga, Willem de Zeeuw,Look Hulshoff Pol, Wim Wiegant Arjen Rinzema 279

    The downflow fixed film and upflow blanket f i l t e r reactorL. van den Berg, K.J. Kennedy, S . Guiot 303

    A study of meat packing plant wastewater treatment with upflowanaerobic sludge blanket processZheng Yan-jin, Wu Wei-guo 327

    Properties of granular sludge i n upflow anaerobic sludgeblanket (UASB) reactor and i t s formationWu Wei,-jnin, Hu J i - cu i , Gu Xia-sheng 339

    Anaerobic f i l t e r s : large scale indus t r i a l applications:experience gained by AgipGiza since 1982: two workingexamplesM. Bregoli, V. Pozzi, A. Viglia 353

    Anaerobic rotat ing biological contact reactor processK.V. Lo, P.H. Liao . 369

    The application of two phase anaerobic digestion on the dis-posal of organic wastewaterChen Zepeng, Wu Ycngfen, Xu Xueying, Wang Zuxuan 375

  • Anaerobic digestion of olive o i l mill waste waters:a new process ;F. Medici, C. Merli, E. Spagnoli 385

    Making biogas from fluid a lcohol -d is t i l le rs ' grain wasteFang Xiurong, Wang Tiarihong 399


    Comparisons airong models of anaerobic fermentors for treatmentof sewege frcm d i s t i l l e ry with dry s l ices of sweet potatosas raw material 415

    A p i lo t scale experiment en alcohol d i s t i l l e ry waste water t r e a t -ment with upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactor (UASB) 416

    The experiment of using up-flow sludge bed anaerobic reactorto t r ea t the waste water 418

    A study of medium-sized experimental application of SWN mixerdevice 419

    The effectiveness of the pipeline-type anaerobic digesterused in the treatment of c i t r i c -ac id fermentation wastewater 420

    Treatment of tannery sludge by two-stage digestion 421

    Dynamic research of the anaerobictreatment of rnijed waste-liquid in pharmaceutical fermentation process 422

    Anaerobic degradaticn of a sulfur rich waste stream from theforest industry 423

    The full-scale anaerobic fLuidised bed treatnent plant (Enso-

    Fenox) for bleaching effluents of kraft pulping 424

    Anaerobic-aerobic treatment of pulp and paper mill effluent 425

    Effect of disinfectants , phenolic compounds and detergentson anaerobic digestion of ca t t l e dung 426

    Inhibition of methanogenesis by synthetic chelating agents 427

    Anaerobic treatment of food processing wastes 428

  • Anaerobic treatment of edible o i l refinery waste water ingranular sludge UASB-reactors 429

    Thermophilic methanogenesis frcm gelatin by a mixed definedbacterial culture . 430

    Sugarcane bagasse pretreatments and the i r effect en i t s anaero-bic digestion 431

    The research of t reat ing the starch wastes by improving the

    UASB digester 432

    Dry anaerobic methane fermentation of coffee pulp 433

    Anaerobic digestion for caffeine biodegradation in coffee pulp 434Anaerobic treatment of a high concentrated waste water using

    simply constructed upflow anaerobic sludge blanket reactorsand anaerobic f i l t e r s 435

    Anaerobic digestion of source separated organic reaction of muni-cipal solid waste and primary sludges 438

    The co-disposal black box 439

    Design and study of large decontaminating nightsoil treatmentplant 440

    High rate treatment of night soil by anaerobic upflow sludge

    blanket (UASB) process 441

    Widening application of the Paques U.A.S.B .-system 444

    Methodological implications of multiobjective optimization of

    anaerobic digester design 446Anaerobic waste water treatment in fixed bed loop reactors using

    reticulated sinter glass for ndcrobial storage 448

    AnaxLc fluidised bed reactor fed with industrial effluents 450


    Microbial physiology in anaerobic digestionJ.G. Zeikus, M. Chartrain, and J. Thiele 453

    Primary microbial population in rural biogas digesters ofChinaZhao Yizhang, Zhang Hui, Liu Guanyie, Lian Liwen,Yiao Yong, Zhou Weibo 477

    Genetic engineering of methanogens: current statusJordan Konisky 497

    Immunologic probes for identification of methanogenic bac-teria in anaerobic digestorsE. Conway de Macario and A.J.L. Macario 505

    Toxicity in anaerobic digestion *-,'.R.E. Speece \ 515

    A dynamic model of anaerobic digestion process in a fullyitdjaad reactorKe Yi-hua - 529


    Isolation and characterization of nethanobrevibacter s t ra in HX 545

    Isolation of methanotroph from a methanogenic fermenter 546

    Genetical studies with methanogenic bacteria important in

    mssophilic anaerobic digestion . 547

    Study of the growth-decline law of several biogas bacteria

    groups on different fermentation 548

    A study en mathematical model for anaerobic reactor 549

    Modelling anaerobic treatment of sulfate containing waste

    water 550A kinetic model of methanogens degradating acetate under

    NaCl inhibition 551

  • Mathematical simulation of the kinetics of full scale

    anaerobic digesters 552

    A mathematical model for refuse digestion \ 553

    Dynamic model of a two-phase digester 554

    Efficiency, stability and microbiology of thermophilic

    nethane fermentation 555Enzymology of indian cattle waste digesters 556

    Thermophilic degradation of cellulose by a triculture ofclostridium thermDcellum, methanobacterium sp. andmsthanosarcina MP 557

    Thermophilic nethanogenesis from sugar beet pulps by amixed defined bacterial culture ' 558

    A primary study on the controlled measures of biogas fermen-. tation 559

    Possible role of lactic bacteria in the methanisation ofbiomass . 560

    Uncoupling of methanogenesis from bacterial growth by

    phosphate limitation ' 561

    An adaptive estimation method for anaerobic digestion 563

    Fundamental studies of transport phenomena in anaerobic

    systems 564Heat recovery and thermodynamic second-law eff iciencies of

    a he l ica l - tube heat exchanger t o recover effluent heatfrom a thermophilic d iges ter 565

    Results of t h e research i n t o the optimum conditions fordigest ion of s lu r ry a t low temperatures 566


    A study on energy v i l l age i n ChinaXu Zeng-fu 569

  • Holistic farming: an energy, ecology, and health integratedpoultry farmJason C. H. Shih 581

    \The utilization of biogas digester residue in China

    Shen Rei-zhi \ 591

    The change in nutrient contents of distillers' corn grainsafter fermentation for biogas and the effective use ofthe fermentation residueChen Zu-jie, Cao Dan-jun \ 599

    The preliminary exploration on biological recycling of ricestraw (feed, fuel, fertilizer)He Jing-xing, Hong Li-qin, Yang Pei-yu,Lin Xin-jian, Zheng Shi-li, Liu Chung-chu 609

    Experiment on the utilization of biogas fermentationresidues in fish farmingHan Yu-qin 617

    Utilization of biogas in ChinaJiang Zhenghpu, Cao Zexi 625

    The selection of biogas pipelinesZhang Rong-lin 639

    Experiment investigation on improving thermal efficiencyof diesel fuel'-biogas engineZhong Pengfei 649

    . Biogas engineErich Dohne 661

    Development on the ZF-3800 biogas incubatorPan Yi, Shao Bao-hua 679


    Development and multipurpose of anaerobic digestion in

    a new ecological farm 687

    Comprehensive utilization of rural bio-energy source . 688

    Application of biogas energy as an experiment in Xinbu

    new energy village . 689

    Biogas for an integrated farm energy system 690

    Study of culturing mushroom with the residue after biogas

    fermentation 691

  • Researches for the utilization of the residues of methanefermentation (RMF) process to develop mushrooms 692

    The technique for using the dregs of biogas fermentation

    to cultivate mushroom 693

    Study of flame stability of biogas 694

    The technical approach to the development of the low

    pressure biogas range 695Biogas electricity generator heat-exchange technology and

    equipment 696

    Effect in study of improving soils and increasing yieldby utilizing the residue of biogas fermented 697


    The hygienic and environmental protection effect of biogasdigester in ChinaZhao Xi-hui 701

    The building of latrine connected with a biogas digesterand it's sanitary effectsCoordinating Group of Scientific Research 711


    The sanitary effect of biodigester with solar energy innorthern provinces of China ' . 717

    A study of survival of Ascaris ova and enteropathogens inthe biodigester 718

    The fate of enterovirus during anaerobic digestion ofpiggery waste 720


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